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qTranslate-XT (eXTended)

Developed by: new qTranslate community, from qTranslate-X by John Clause and qTranslate by Qian Qin
Contributors: herrvigg, johnclause, chineseleper, Vavooon, grafcom
Tags: multilingual, language, admin, tinymce, bilingual, widget, switcher, i18n, l10n, multilanguage, translation
Requires: 4.8
Tested up to: 6.1.1
Stable tag: N/A
License: GPLv2 or later
License URI:

Adds user-friendly multilingual content support, stored in single post.


The qTranslate-XT plugin is an eXTended version of qTranslate-X that we are reviving with a new community, since the original plugin is abandoned by its author. Our first goal is to maintain the essential features of this plugin with the last Wordpress and PHP updates. The migration to Gutenberg will be a critical milestone for the survival of this plugin. We are currently building a new organization to give qTranslate a new life. Let's try together, anyone is welcome to participate!

GitHub repository of the new repo:


Since the -XT version is not officially available at the initial installation must be done manually. You require the permissions to access the plugins folder of your Wordpress installation. Contact your system administrator if needed.

  1. Download the last release from GitHub in zip or tar.gz format (usually zip for Windows users). Alternatively, download the current master branch to test the last updates before a version release. Developers are encouraged to git clone the repo.
  2. Uncompress the archive in your plugins folder and rename it to qtranslate-xt.
  3. Deactivate plugin qTranslate-X, qTranslate, mqTranslate, qTranslate Plus, zTranslate or any other multilingual plugin, if you are running any.
  4. Activate qTranslate-XT through the 'Plugins' admin page in WordPress (/wp-admin/plugins.php).

If you didn't already have qTranslate-X, proceed with the initial setup of qTranslate-XT:

  1. Open Settings > Languages configuration page and add/delete/disable any languages you need.
  2. Add the "qTranslate Language Chooser" widget or "Language Switcher" menu item to let your visitors switch the language.

Check the FAQ for further instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is qTranslate-X not maintained anymore?

The previous qTranslate-Team was only one person. We tried to contact the author many times but we got no answer since 2016. Our goal is to build up a real team and make this plugin available again for the whole community. We can't update the official plugin yet. It is still not clear either if we should go on with the qTranslate name, but for now we should focus on new releases. The -XT version can be seen for the least as a "bridge" project.

I'm still using qTranslate-X, can I test qTranslate-XT?

Yes and it's very easy! Currently you can have both qTranslate-X and qTranslate-XT installed in the plugins folder for experimentations, but you should have at most one active at any time: BOTH -X AND -XT SHARE THE SAME OPTIONS! So if you change some options and switch between the plugins, the last changes will remain for the other. The plugin can actually re-adapt its configuration after a switch, in the general case you have nothing to do. If you have some incompatible options you should see some warnings. Note that even if you uninstall either -X or -XT, the options are not erased!

Disclaimer: be sure to backup your database regularly.

Is the Block Editor (Gutenberg) supported?

It is partially supported, with some limitations. Read carefully our Gutenberg FAQ before use.

Is WooCommerce, ACF, QTS (Slugs), ... supported?

WooCommerce, ACF, Slugs and other plugins are now supported as built-in modules. Developers able to test properly are much welcome! Please send PR for bug fixes. See the complete list of available modules in our repo.

Is any plugin/themes supported?

Some major plugins are now supported with the built-in modules. Some plugins are also supported with built-in i18n configurations. For other plugins you need to provide custom integration through i18n configuration (json) and/or code (PHP/JS). A major refactoring is needed to make this easier.

I'm new to qTranslate, where can I find detailed instructions for startup?

Check our Wiki pages:

How to update qTranslate-XT with the last release?

Since the -XT version is not available at, we recommend you to install GitHub Updater. This is is an awesome tool to update plugins from a git repo (with many other features). It checks regularly the last release available in github (from the git tags) and compares it to your current version (defined in the header of qtranslate.php). If a new release is available an update link will appear as for a regular plugin from Wordpress. The check is performed even if the plugin is deactivated.

Alternatively you can delete the current folder and repeat the installation from the last archive. Make sure to deactivate the previous version and then activate the new one, otherwise you will miss the execution of activation hooks and some options may become misconfigured.

Note for developers:

  • since GitHub Updater deploys the archive (tarball) your local git project will be removed if you installed it through git clone. If you want to use a cloned version in production you should not update through GHU, use git pull instead.
  • old releases may contain legacy headers that can become problematic. Be very cautious if you customize the updates for given branches!

Upgrade Notice


  • Compatibility with PHP8.1
    • Major refactoring of date/time without strftime (deprecated in PHP8.1)
    • Attention: date/time features require PHP intl module (IntlDateFormatter)
    • Note: strftime format options are still supported by conversion but they may become deprecated (#1234)
  • Major fixes for ACF
    • Fix standard wysiwyg field, better admin support (ACF6, display fields, UI), simplify options
    • Note: it is encouraged to use ACF standard fields, extended QTX fields may become deprecated in next releases
  • New feature! Add setting to show menu items in alternative language (#1063).


  • New module: Slugs (experimental) for permalink (slug/URL) translations
  • New module settings with manual activation for all modules and integrated custom settings for ACF and Slugs


Major fix! Enable language switch for text widget with TinyMCE editor.
Warning: disable new block-based widget editor with WordPress 5.8. See #1058.


New feature! Javascript code bundled with Webpack and Babel. New paths updated on plugin reactivation or by saving your qTranslate-XT language settings.


New feature! Extend language code to 2-letter (ISO 639-1) or 3-letter (ISO 639-2 and ISO 639-3). Enforce lower case for new entries. Upper case only allowed for existing 2-letter codes as legacy support, but a migration will be required, see #884.


New feature! Initial support of Gutenberg, with some limitations. Read carefully our Gutenberg FAQ before use.


New feature! The built-in modules replace the legacy plugins for integration. You have to deactivate/reactivate qTranslate-XT to detect the active modules. See in modules for more info.


Fix REST API: no redirect allowed. Your rewrite rules should be updated by saving the permalink structures from the admin page.


This is the first official release of qTranslate-XT! Please check the CHANGELOG and FAQ.


See original plugin.


Check the for the full history.

Known Issues

The previous issues have been duplicated to our new git repository. Please check the git issues before creating new ones.

The legacy issues should also be reviewed before starting using the plugin.


  • Thank you to all people motivated to make this plugin live again!
  • Thank you to the authors of the legacy versions, qTranslate-X by John Clause, qTranslate by Qian Qin and all the previous contributors.

Desirable Unimplemented Features

  • refactor integration API, possibly without json files (i18n-config.json)
  • support for localized hreflang with country/region codes (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2)
  • full support for Gutenberg (with LSB)
  • unit/integration tests, automated CI tests
  • utilities for DB maintenance (audit, cleanup)
  • legacy of desirable features.
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