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Pithole Management

It is a platform which allows a user to report Pothole in their neighbouring area seamlessly. Also, using this platform, officials can resolve the reported issues easily and the concerned user gets notified


  • User can report pothole using the app
  • Using the ML model the app detect whether the clicked picture is of a pothole or not
  • The location of user get detected automatically
  • Once the issue is reported a concerned official can solve that issue using the web application
  • When the issue is resolved the concerned user is notified through email


Browser Support

  • Firefox: version 4 and up
  • Chrome: any version
  • Safari: version 5.2 and up
  • Internet Explorer/Edge: version 8 and up
  • Opera: version 9 and up

Requirements (Android)


Technology Stack Used

  • Frontend: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstarp, JQuery
  • Backend: Node.js, Express.js
  • Anrdoid: Java, Firebase ML kit, Retrofit, Navigation Components
  • Machine Learning: Tensorflow Lite
  • IDE: VS Code
  • Version Control: Git and GitHub
  • Database: MongoDb
  • Hosting: Heroku, Netlify

Permissions Required (Android)

  • Internet
  • Location/GPS

Getting Started

GitHub Repository Structure

S.No. Branch Name Purpose
1. master contains the backend code
2. Frontend contains all frontend code
3. android contains all android code

Project Setup

  • Fork and clone the Repo by typing the following commands in the terminal
$ git clone
$ cd Bug_slayers
  • Change Branch using:
$ git checkout Frontend
  • To open site on Localhost:

    - Install node dependencies using:
    $ npm install
    • To start the server, type:
    $ node app
  • Make changes to the code and save your changes

  • Commit your changes using:

$ git commit -m "add any comment"
  • Push the changes to the forked repository
  • Navigate to the original repository and make a pull request

Thank You

Made with Love ❤️️ & Passion 🙏.

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