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Multi slider switch component in React Native (iOs & android)


Install the component through npm using:

npm install rn-slider-switch --save

alt text alt text

YOUTUBE : See slider in action


Prop Description
currentStatus Initial Status of the slider . Defaults to 'Open'. Other values include 'In Progress', 'Complete'
onStatusChanged Called when status changes in Slider
isParentScrollDisabled Whether scroll is disabled in Parent.(Optional)
disableScroll Used to disable scroll in parent .. Works as callback function if u want to disable scroll in parent.(Optional)
disableSwitch Used to disable switch (Click & scroll will not work) .. (Optional)


import MultiSwitch from 'rn-slider-switch';
                    disableScroll={value => {
                        console.log('scrollEnabled', value);
                        // this.scrollView.setNativeProps({
                        //     scrollEnabled: value
                        // });
                    onStatusChanged={text => {
                        console.log('Change Status ', text);
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