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RealityUI is a collection of User Interface classes for RealityKit. The classes included in RealityUI aim to offer familiar User Interface guidelines, but in a 3D setting for Augmented and Virtual Reality through RealityKit.

The User Interface controls in this repository so far are made to be familiar to what people are used to with 2D interfaces, however the plan is to expand the tools on offer to new and unique controls, which are more appropriate for an Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality context.

RealityUI Elements in a RealityKit VR space


  • iOS 13 or macOS 10.15
  • Swift 5.2
  • Xcode 11

RUISlider gestures are not working with macOS currently.



Swift Package Manager

Add the URL of this repository to your Xcode 11+ Project under Project > Swift Packages.


Add import RealityUI to the top of your swift file to start.

Registering RealityUI Components

All components used in RealityUI must be registered before they are used, simply call RealityUI.registerComponents() anywhere in your app before any classes starting with RUI are initialised to avoid issues with that. For more information on what is meant by registering components see Apple's documentation here.

Activating Gestures

If you plan on using RUISwitch or RUIStepper, then you should at least enable .tap RUISlider uses .pan, but I would just recommend using .all to avoid issues, as these will inevitably move around ad RealityUI develops, and will not interfere with the rest of your RealityKit scene.


Creating RealityUI Entities

For the sake of all these examples, the Simple heading will create an Entity with no custom properties or callbacks, and for Functional, imagine there is a ModelEntity in the scene which we can reference from the variable adjustmentCuboid.

By default all RealityUI Entities are quite large. This is used to standardize the sizes so that you always know what to expect. For example, all UI thumbs are spheres with a diameter of 1 meter, which is 1 unit in RealityKit, ± any padding adjustments. All RealityUI Entities face [0, 0, 1] by default, in the same way as a ModelEntity with a plane mesh.

RUISwitch Creation

RUISwitch is a 3D toggle switch with an on and off state. RUISwitches with and without light responsiveness

Default bounding box is 2x1x1m

let newSwitch = RUISwitch()

This RUISwitch will respond to lighting, and will change a ModelEntity's material between a red and a green color.

let newSwitch = RUISwitch(
  RUI: [RUIComponent](#ruicomponent)(respondsToLighting: true),
  changedCallback: { mySwitch in
    adjustmentCuboid.model?.materials = [
        color: mySwitch.isOn ? .green : .red,
        isMetallic: false

To customise switches further, see SwitchComponent.

RUIStepper Creation

RUIStepper is used to increment or decrement a value. RUIStepper with light responsiveness

Default bounding box is 2x1x0.25m

let newStepper = RUIStepper()

This RUIStepper will move a ModelEntity's y position up and down by 0.1m on each tap.

let stepper = RUIStepper(upTrigger: { _ in
  adjustmentCuboid.position.y += 0.1
}, downTrigger: { _ in
  adjustmentCuboid.position.y -= 0.1

To customise steppers further, see StepperComponent.

RUISlider Creation

An interactive track to represent an interpolated value. RUISlider with light responsiveness

Default bounding box is 10x1x1m (Including thumb)

let newSlider = RUISlider()

This RUISlider has a starting value of 0.9, meaning that the thumb will be positioned 90% of the way along. The callback function will happen every time the slider value changes (set with isContinuous). The callback function will adjust the x scale of an Entity to the slider's value (0-1), plus an arbitrary value of 0.1.

let newSlider = RUISlider(
  slider: SliderComponent(startingValue: 0.9, isContinuous: true)
) { (slider, _) in
  adjustmentCuboid.scale.x = slider.value + 0.1

To customise sliders further, see SliderComponent.

RUIButton Creation

RUIButton is used to initiate a specified action. The action here will only trigger if the gesture begins on a button, and also ends on the same button. This is similar to the touchUpInside UIControl Event. RUIButton with light responsiveness

Default button bounding box before depressing the button into the base is [1, 1, 0.3]

let newButton = RUIButton()

This RUIButton will animate an Entity to a new transform, and change its own button color to .systemGreen.

let button = RUIButton(updateCallback: { myButton in
    to: Transform(
      scale: .one,
      rotation: .init(),
      translation: [0, 1, 0]),
    relativeTo: adjustmentCuboid.parent,
    duration: 0.3
  myButton.buttonColor = .systemGreen

To customise buttons further, see ButtonComponent.

RealityUI Components

These components are largely for customising RealityUI entities in terms of colour and sizing. The components default values are great for most use-cases, but there may be times when more customisation is necessary.


Property Type Default Description
ruiEnabled Bool true A Boolean value showing if the entity can be clicked or otherwise affected by gestures.

When set to false all the materials become translucent.
respondsToLighting Bool false A Boolean value which affects the materials used on this Entity to be affected by light.


SwitchComponent is used for the RUISwitch class, it has properties which affect colour for each model, as well as sizing between components such as the border.

Property Type Default Description
isOn Bool false A Boolean value that determines the off/on state of the switch.
padding Float 0.05 Padding (in meters) between the thumb and the inner capsule of the switch.
border Float 0.05 Border (in meters) between the two outer capsules of the switch.
onColor Material.Color .systemGreen Color of the inner capsule when the switch is set to on.
offColor Material.Color .lightGray Color of the inner capsule when the switch is set to off.
borderColor Material.Color .black Color of the outer border.
thumbColor Material.Color .white Color of the thumb. Default white.


property type Default Description
backgroundTint Material.Color .tertiarySystemBackground Background color of the stepper.
buttonTint Material.Color .systemBlue Color of the buttons inside a stepper, default .systemBlue.
secondButtonTint Material.Color? nil Color of the second button inside a stepper.
If nil, then buttonTint will be used.


Property Type Default Description
length Float 10 Length of the slider in meters.
value Float 0 The slider's current value (0-1).
minTrackColor Material.Color .systemBlue The color set to the material on the left side of the slider.
maxTrackColor Material.Color .systemGray The color set to the material on the right side of the slider.
thumbColor Material.Color .white The color set to the material of the thumb.
isContinuous Bool true If set to true, you can receive all changes to the value, otherwise only at the start and end of changes made via touch.
thickness Float 0.2 The thickness of the track in meters.


Property Type Default Description
size SIMD3<Float> [1, 1, 0.2] Size of the button base (in m).
buttonColor Material.Color .systemBlue Color of the button.
baseColor Material.Color .systemGray Color of the button base.
padding Float 0.1 Padding (in meters) between the base and the button.
extrude Float 0.5 Multiplyer amount that the button sticks out from the base when unpressed.
The extrude amount will be a multiplier of the button z size.
compress Float 0.2 Multiplyer amount that the button sticks out from the base when pressed.
The compress amount will be a multiplier of the button z size.
cornerRadius Float? nil A corner radius applied to both the button and the button base.
If left as nil, a corner radius will be calculated based on 0.4 * the smallest dimension.
style ButtonComponent.Style .rectangular Style of RUIButton, currently only .rectangular is available.


To see more, check out RealityUI+Examples in this repository.

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