Small and powerful client-side router for Web Components. Framework-agnostic.
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Project NameStarsDownloadsRepos Using ThisPackages Using ThisMost Recent CommitTotal ReleasesLatest ReleaseOpen IssuesLicenseLanguage
16 hours ago1,047apache-2.0Java
Vaadin Flow is a Java framework binding Vaadin web components to Java. This is part of Vaadin 10+.
18 hours ago23September 09, 202280Java
Vaadin platform 10+ is a Java web development platform based on Vaadin web components. If you don't know to which repository your bug report should be filed, use this and we'll move it to the right one.
Vaadin Grid39590498 days ago250October 21, 2022apache-2.0HTML
vaadin-grid is a free, high quality data grid / data table Web Component. Part of the Vaadin components.
Router36335342 days ago30February 12, 2021106apache-2.0HTML
Small and powerful client-side router for Web Components. Framework-agnostic.
Web Components33216618915 hours ago191December 12, 2022986JavaScript
A set of high-quality standards based web components for enterprise web applications. Part of Vaadin 20+
Restic Browser225
23 days ago10mitTypeScript
A GUI to browse and restore restic backup repositories.
Vaadin Date Picker16698 days ago58January 17, 2023apache-2.0HTML
The Web Component providing a date selection field with scrollable month calendar. Part of the Vaadin components.
Spring16343517 days ago17July 29, 201998apache-2.0Java
Spring integration for Vaadin
Pwa Lit Template160
2 months ago14mitTypeScript
A template for building Progressive Web Applications using Lit and Vaadin Router.
Vaadin Combo Box118118 days ago75January 21, 20221apache-2.0HTML
The Web Component for displaying a list of items with filtering. Part of the Vaadin components.
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Vaadin Router


API documentation

Vaadin Router is a small and powerful client-side router JS library. It uses the widely adopted express.js syntax for routes (/users/:id) to map URLs to Web Component views. All features one might expect from a modern router are supported: async route resolution, animated transitions, navigation guards, redirects, and more. It is framework-agnostic and works equally well with all Web Components regardless of how they are created (Polymer / SkateJS / Stencil / Angular / Vue / etc).

Vaadin Router is a good fit for developers that do not want to go all-in with one framework, and prefer to have freedom in picking the components that work best for their specific needs.

npm install --save @vaadin/router
import {Router} from '@vaadin/router';

const router = new Router(document.getElementById('outlet'));
  {path: '/', component: 'x-home-view'},
  {path: '/users', component: 'x-user-list'}

Browser support

A specific version of Vaadin Router supports the same browsers as the Vaadin platform major version which includes that version of Vaadin Router. See Vaadin platform release notes for details on included Vaadin Router version and supported technologies. The Supported Technologies section is typically listed in the release notes of the first publicly available release of a Vaadin platform major version (for example Vaadin 18.0.1 since 18.0.0 was skipped).

Desktop browsers

Evergreen versions of the following browsers

  • Chrome, Firefox, Firefox ESR, Safari and Edge (Chromium)

Mobile browsers

Built-in browsers in the following mobile operating systems:

  • Safari starting from iOS 13 (Safari 13 or newer)
  • Google Chrome evergreen on Android (requiring Android 4.4 or newer)

Sauce Labs test status

Sauce Test Status

Big Thanks

Cross-browser Testing Platform and Open Source <3 Provided by Sauce Labs.

Running demos and tests in the browser

  1. Fork the vaadin-router repository and clone it locally.

  2. Make sure you have npm installed.

  3. When in the vaadin-router directory, run npm install and then npm run install:dependencies to install dependencies.

  4. Run npm start, and open in your browser to see the component API documentation.

  5. You can also open demo or in-browser tests by adding demo or test to the URL, for example:

Running tests from the command line

  1. When in the vaadin-router directory, run npm test

Following the coding style

We are using ESLint for linting JavaScript code. You can check if your code is following our standards by running npm run lint, which will automatically lint all .js files as well as JavaScript snippets inside .html files.


  • Make sure your code is compliant with our code linters: npm run lint
  • Check that tests are passing: npm test
  • Submit a pull request with detailed title and description
  • Wait for response from one of Vaadin components team members


Apache License 2.0

Vaadin collects development time usage statistics to improve this product. For details and to opt-out, see vaadin/vaadin-usage-statistics.

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