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This repository hosts the legacy versions of the Spring Boot add-on for Vaadin 10 - 22. Since Vaadin 23, the code for the Spring Boot add-on has been migrated to the Flow repository:

  • Issues and pull requests related to the Flow and Spring Boot integration for Vaadin 23 or newer should be created in vaadin/flow
  • The Spring add-on will continue to be released from this code base for the maintenance versions of Vaadin Platform (14.8 and 22). Pull requests targeting this should go to this repository (see table below for the correct target branch).

Vaadin Spring

Vaadin Spring is the official Spring integration for Vaadin 10+. See other branches for other framework versions:

  • 1.2 for Vaadin Framework V7 versions
  • 2.0 and 2.1 for Vaadin Framework V8.0.X versions
  • 3.0 for Vaadin Framework V8.2 versions
  • 10.0 for Vaadin 10
  • 11.0 for Vaadin 13 (End-of-line)
  • 12.0 for Vaadin 14.0
  • 12.1 for Vaadin 14.1
  • 12.2 for Vaadin 14.2
  • 12.3 for Vaadin 14.3, 14.4 and 14.5
  • 12.4 for Vaadin 14.6
  • 13.0 for Vaadin 16
  • 14.0 for Vaadin 17
  • 15.0 for Vaadin 18
  • 16.0 for Vaadin 19
  • 17.0 for Vaadin 20
  • 18.0 for Vaadin 21
  • 19.0 for Vaadin 22
  • master: no longer developed

Getting started

This version is part of the Vaadin platform (github). The easiest way to get started is to use the Project Base for Vaadin 10 and Spring. For help on getting started, see the documentation.

Building the project

Execute mvn clean install in the root directory.


The contributing docs can be found here: https://vaadin.com/docs-beta/latest/guide/contributing/overview/

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