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deadman is an observation software for host status using ping.

deadman does not have rich functionalities. It only checks host statuses using ICMP echo. We recomend using deadman for building temporary networks such as conference and event networks. This software was originally designed and implemented for Interop Tokyo ShowNet.


How to use

Clone this repository and then run.

$ git clone
$ cd deadman
$ ./deadman deadman.conf

To change the targets, modify or create a config file.

$ cat deadman.conf
kame6           2001:200:dff:fff1:216:3eff:feb1:44d7

deadman with -a or --async-mode option sends ping to targets asynchronously.

Each line in the config file indicates a target host. Ping options, specifying source addresses and using netns, etc, are noted on the deadman.conf. For example, ping via a remote host through ssh is implemented.

google-via-ssh relay=X.X.X.X os=Linux

This line means sending ping to a google server via the remote server X.X.X.X. username and ssh-key for the remote host can be specified by user=USER, key=KEYPATH. Other ssh attributes follow user's environment executing deadman.

Moreover, -s option indicates the scale of RTT bar graph. default is 10ms.

You can send deadman a SIGHUP to have it reload its configuration file. When this happens, existing entries will not lose their history.




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