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SRGan in Tensorflow

This is an implementation of the paper Photo-Realistic Single Image Super-Resolution Using a Generative Adversarial Network using TensorFlow.


Set up

  1. Download the VGG19 weights provided by TensorFlow-Slim. Place the vgg_19.ckpt file in this directory.
  2. Download a dataset of images. I recommend ImageNet or Places205. Specify the directory containing your dataset using the --train-dir argument when training the model.



python --name srresnet-mse --content-loss mse --train-dir path/to/dataset


python --name srresnet-vgg22 --content-loss vgg22 --train-dir path/to/dataset


python --name srgan-mse --use-gan --content-loss mse --train-dir path/to/dataset --load results/srresnet-mse/weights-1000000


python --name srgan-vgg22 --use-gan --content-loss vgg22 --train-dir path/to/dataset --load results/srresnet-mse/weights-1000000


python --name srgan-vgg54 --use-gan --content-loss vgg54 --train-dir path/to/dataset --load results/srresnet-mse/weights-1000000


Set5 Ledig SRResNet This SRResNet Ledig SRGAN This SRGAN
PSNR 32.05 32.11 29.40 28.21
SSIM 0.9019 0.8933 0.8472 0.8200
Set14 Ledig SRResNet This SRResNet Ledig SRGAN This SRGAN
PSNR 28.49 28.61 26.02 25.74
SSIM 0.8184 0.7809 0.7397 0.6909
BSD100 Ledig SRResNet This SRResNet Ledig SRGAN This SRGAN
PSNR 27.58 27.57 25.16 24.80
SSIM 0.7620 0.7346 0.6688 0.6314
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