Luajit Rocks

LuaJIT and luarocks in one location
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An open-source C++ library developed and used at Facebook.
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AMD's Machine Intelligence Library
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Luajit Rocks134
6 years ago15C
LuaJIT and luarocks in one location
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Fluid Corpus Manipulation objects for Cycling 74's Max
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sinks to g3logger
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CMake-based LuaJIT + Luarocks

What's the point?

We want to provide an easy to way to users for installing recent versions of LuaJIT (or Lua) and luarocks, with almost no efforts.

The provided LuaJIT (or Lua) and luarocks point to their respective git repository. We did not make any changes, except the compilation and installation processes.

In addition,

  • Luarocks (or Lua) will be installed at the same location as LuaJIT and will know about LuaJIT shared library location (mandatory for Windows installs). It will also not be confused if you have several LuaJIT+luarocks at different locations.

  • Luarocks will come installed with Torch rocks repository

  • Luarocks comes with mandatory system command line tools under Windows.

  • Readline support for LuaJIT.

  • Experimental: Lua 5.1 with reference counting.


Install CMake on your system.

Get a C compiler. For Windows, we recommend the Windows SDK. It is free, it has no GUI, but it is just fine with CMake.


git clone
cd luajit-rocks
mkdir build
cd build
cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/your/prefix

Then under Unix systems:

make install

Under Windows:

nmake install

Note: we do not recommend (nor we support) installation under Cygwin.

Additional CMake flags

  • If you prefer vanilla Lua 5.1 instead of LuaJIT, use -DWITH_LUA51=ON
  • If you prefer vanilla Lua 5.1 with reference counting instead of LuaJIT, use -DWITH_LUA51RC=ON (experimental)
  • If you prefer vanilla Lua 5.2 instead of LuaJIT, use -DWITH_LUA52=ON
  • If you prefer LuaJIT 2.1 instead of LuaJIT 2.0, use -DWITH_LUAJIT21=ON
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