Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source

preview This is a simple Arch Linux auto ricing script. It is great for quickly setting up a working environment on a new Arch installation, or as a canvas for further personal customization. Here is a list of programs:

  • Interactive Shell: Bash
  • Text Editor: Neovim
  • Window Manager: bspwm
  • Hotkey Manager: sxhkd
  • Terminal Emulator: Alacritty
  • File Manager: nnn
  • Music Player: cmus
  • Media Player: mpv
  • PDF Reader: Zathura
  • Image Viewer: sxiv, feh
  • Application Launcher: Rofi
  • Unicode Coverage: Noto Fonts
  • Terminal Font: Source Code Pro
  • Screenshot: maim
  • Notifications: Dunst
  • Clipboard Manager: xclip
  • Search Tool: fzf

Many other terminal based programs are included. Read for a full list.


  1. I recommend reading the files before installing it.
  2. Install Arch/Artix Linux (or anything that you know will work).
  3. Make a new test user (or use your own):
# Bash as the default shell is required. 
# Group wheel is not required, but you'll have to install the programs manually.

useradd -m -g wheel -s /bin/bash username
passwd username
  1. Sign into that user and clone this repo:
# This should not be deleted, so best to have it hidden.

git clone ~/.dotfiles
  1. Run bash, then reboot once the script finishes.


  1. Start nvim and run :PlugInstall to enable the plugins.
  2. Read config/nvim/init.vim to learn about the customizations. neovim

Feedback and bug reporting

Please open an issue if you find something wrong or have suggestions for how this could improve.

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