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CLI tool to easily setup a new resume 📑
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Resume Cli4,29393343 months ago106April 20, 202298mitJavaScript
CLI tool to easily setup a new resume 📑
Mcdowell Cv1,321
9 months ago13mitTeX
A Nice-looking CV template made into LaTeX
When Changed1,15121199 months ago3January 23, 201615otherPython
Execute a command when a file is changed
Atom Node Debugger275
6 years ago81mitCoffeeScript
A Nodejs Debugger For Atom
Resumed8014 months ago4April 13, 20221mitTypeScript
👔 Lightweight JSON Resume builder, no-frills alternative to resume-cli
Kissmyresume6226 months ago3April 29, 201930mitTypeScript
Generate polished résumés and CVs in HTML, PDF, MS Word and other formats and Keep It Simple.
5 years agoapache-2.0Go
2 days ago11mitRust
🎯 A command line download/upload tool with resume.
3 years agomitCSS
A resume/CV generator, parsing information from YAML file to generate a static website which you can deploy on the Github Pages. Exactly like resume-version Hexo.
Bashme3312 years ago23September 18, 20196mitTypeScript
👨‍💻👩‍💻 The first command line interface about you
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This is the command line tool for JSON Resume, the open source initiative to create a JSON-based standard for resumes.


Alternatives: The Resume CLI tool works as it is so there isn't a huge amount of active development on it, try these alternatives if it doesn't work for you;

Getting Started

Install the command-line tool:

npm install -g resume-cli

Commands at a glance

command description
init Initialize a resume.json file
validate Schema validation test your resume.json
export [fileName.html] Export locally to .html
serve Serve resume at http://localhost:4000/


resume --help

Show a list of options and commands for the CLI.

resume init

Creates a new resume.json file in your current working directory.

Complete the resume.json with your text editor. Be sure to follow the schema (available at

resume validate

Validates your resume.json against our schema tests to ensure it complies with the standard. Tries to identify where any errors may be occurring.

resume export [fileName]

Exports your resume locally in a stylized HTML or PDF format.

A list of available themes can be found here:

Please npm install the theme you wish to use locally before attempting to export it.


  • --format <file type> Example: --format pdf
  • --theme <name> Example: --theme even

resume serve

Starts a web server that serves your local resume.json. It will live reload when you make edits to your resume.json.


  • --port <port>
  • --theme <name>

When developing themes, simply change into your theme directory and run resume serve --theme . (which tells it to run the local folder as the specified theme)

supported resume input types

  • json: via JSON.parse.
  • yaml: via yaml-js
  • quaff: if --resume is a directory, then the path is passed to quaff and the resulting json is used as the resume. quaff supports a variety of formats in the directory, including javascript modules.

resume data

  • Setting --resume - tells the cli to read resume data from standard input (stdin), and defaults --type to application/json.
  • Setting --resume <path> reads resume data from path.
  • Leaving --resume unset defaults to reading from resume.json on the current working directory.

resume mime types

Supported resume data mime types are:

  • application/json
  • text/yaml


to test the cli, run the dev script:

npm run dev -- [cli arguments can be passed after the double-dash]


Available under the MIT license.

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