Huawei Health To Gpx

Convert activities from the Huawei Health app and activity trackers to GPX files
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Huawei Health To Gpx8
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Convert activities from the Huawei Health app and activity trackers to GPX files
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Huawei Health activities to GPX

Huawei Health activities to GPX

Golang app that generates GPX files from a Huawei HiTrack backup.

HiTrack data is what Huawei wearables generate after an activity (Huawei Band 3 PRO is an example).

This app gets as input the HiTrack data from a Huawei Health app backup (as SQLite database) and outputs GPX files with support for timestamped GPS, altitude, heart-rate, and cadence data where available.

This app gets inspiration from Huawei TCX Converter which should be used if your backup has a different format (see below).

How to get the Huawei Health db

  • Open the Huawei Health app and open the exercise that you want to convert to view it's trajectory. This ensures that its HiTrack file is generated.
  • Download the Huawei Backup App onto your phone.
  • Start a new unencrypted backup of the Huawei Health app data to your external storage (SD Card)
  • Connect the phone to the pc using a USB cable. When prompted on the phone, authorize the pc to access data.
  • If you can see the phone as an external memory (like on Linux) navigate to /HuaweiBackup/backupFiles/<backup folder>/ and copy to your computer. If you can't find the .db file but you find the file, than you should use Huawei TCX Converter.
  • If you're on a Mac you need to install the HiSuite app and use it to access the SD card on the phone. Then follow the same instructions as the point above.


For some reason if your wearable loses the GPS signal at the end of the record, the outputted dump doesn't contain GPS data, although the Health app can still show the track. This happen at least on the Band 3 Pro.

The fact that the Health app shows the GPS track let me suspect data is still somewhere, but I didn't find a way to get it :/

How to build and install

git clone [email protected]:tommyblue/huawei-health-to-gpx.git

How to run the app

The app can check the db and list the existing tracks:

hitrack2gpx ~/<path>/

If an activity ID is provided, the app outputs the GPX file:

hitrack2gpx ~/<path>/ <ID>

The output can be saved to a file:

hitrack2gpx ~/<path>/ <ID> > ~/<path>/file.gpx


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