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AngularJS 1.5 component architecture app

Try the Contacts Manager app! You'll need to register and create an account.

Want the ES2015 version? Check it out here.

A Contacts Manager application built on AngularJS 1.5 components, ui-router 1.0.0, Firebase. Want to build it? Jump on my AngularJS 1.5 Pro course.

List of features:

  • AngularJS 1.5 .component() method
  • Stateful/stateless and routed components
  • One-way dataflow
  • Lifecycle hooks
  • ui-router 1.0.0
  • Firebase auth and database/hosting
  • Fully tested, including spec files
  • Built against my component architecture styleguide
  • Proper SCSS architecture to provide maintainable, scalable and well-organized code

Setup and install

To run this app, follow the instructions here. Basically npm install and npm start. Run tests with npm test. Have fun!

Contacts Manager

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