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An initiaitve by GDG Ahmedabad, for community and by community!

We at GDG Ahmedabad are getting different queries (like I want to learn android development, where to start?, I want to integrate App Engine, how can start with it?) from our community members, so here we want to prepare a repository with all the useful resources/materials for every technologies that there are in market.

You can call this repository as "Technology Gold mine" :)

Table of Contents


Contribution from each one of you matters a lot, let's contribute and create a solid repository. We request you please read Contribution guidelines before you contribute, to avoid further changes and commits!

Guidelines for contributing

  • Books Original publisher URL of any book, it can be by amazon, Oreilly, head first or any other publisher. Please don't share PDF/HTML/ePub file shared over any free e-book site or drive link or dropbox link.
  • Courses A course is a learning material which is not a book and where there is no interactive tool embedded in the site.
  • Interactive Tutorials An interactive website which lets the user type code or commands and evaluates the result.
  • Tools It's kind a software which are helpful in writing,debugging,and testing code.
  • Video tutorials are single topic at single time.
  • Experts are individual, who holds the reputation in respected area.
  • Blogs are something which covers personal experience, they are neither tutorial or website. EX:- My personal experience with Android APK optimization, performance improvements and code optimization.
  • Useful links are URL's which belongs to item official guide, documentation, discussion channel, forum, blogs etc.

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