Docker-based local PHP+Node.js web development environments
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Telepresence5,849420 hours ago355September 23, 2022358otherGo
Local development against a remote Kubernetes or OpenShift cluster
17 days ago152apache-2.0Go
The container native, cloud agnostic serverless platform.
Udemy Docker Mastery4,730
4 days ago26mitJavaScript
Docker Mastery Udemy course to build, compose, deploy, and manage containers from local development to high-availability in the cloud
22 days ago51mitPHP
A modern Docker LAMP stack and MEAN stack for local development
Node Docker Good Defaults2,161
4 months ago7mitJavaScript
sample node app for Docker examples
4 days ago123apache-2.0Go
Docker-based local PHP+Node.js web development environments
3 years ago1otherDockerfile
HTTPS domains for localhost. 🏠
a year ago47mitPHP
Docker Image to Magento 2 local development in Mac, Linux and Windows
Docker Php Tutorial286
a month ago2PHP
Example files of my tutorial on PHP on Docker (check out the branches!)
Php Docker Good Defaults283
a year ago7mitDockerfile
*WORK IN PROGRESS* sample PHP/Laravel app for Docker examples
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DDEV is an open source tool for running local web development environments for PHP, Python and Node.js, ready in minutes. Its powerful, flexible per-project environment configurations can be extended, version controlled, and shared. DDEV allows development teams to adopt a consistent Docker workflow without the complexities of bespoke configuration.

Get Started

  1. Check System Requirements: macOS (Intel and Apple Silicon), Windows 10/11, WSL2, Linux, Gitpod, and GitHub Codespaces.
  2. Install Docker/Colima and DDEV.
  3. Try a CMS Quick Start Guide.

If you need help, our friendly community provides great support.

Partial Features

  • Quickly create local web development environments based on code repositories, with minimal configuration.
  • Import a database to any of your local environments.
  • Import upload files to match the project (e.g. Drupal sites/default/files or WordPress wp-content/uploads).
  • Customizable integration with hosting platforms like Platform.sh, Pantheon, Acquia and others.
  • Run commands within the Docker environment using ddev exec.
  • View logs from the web and database containers.
  • Use ddev ssh to explore the Linux environment inside the container.
  • List running projects with ddev list.
  • Snapshot databases with ddev snapshot.
  • Temporarily share your development website with others using ddev share.
  • Create custom commands as simple shell scripts.
  • Enjoy effortless, trusted HTTPS support.
  • Extend and customize environments as much (or as little!) as you need to.

Run ddev to see all the commands.


See “How can I contribute to DDEV?” in the FAQ, and the Contributing page.

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