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A python command-line (CLI) bot for automating research and promotion on popular social media platforms (reddit, twitter, facebook, [TODO: instagram]). With a single command, scrape social media sites using custom queries and/or promote to all relevant results.

Please use with discretion: i.e. choose your input arguments wisely, otherwise your bot could find itself, along with any associated accounts, banned from platforms very quickly. The bot has some built in anti-spam filter avoidance features to help you remain undetected; however, no amount of avoidance can hide blatantly abusive use of this tool.


  • reddit
    • scrape subreddit(s) for lists of keyword, dump results in local file (red_scrape_dump.txt)
      • separate keyword lists for AND, OR, NOT search operations (red_subkey_pairs.json)
      • search new, hot, or rising categories
    • reply to posts in red_scrape_dump.txt with random promotion from red_promos.txt
      • ignore posts by marking them in dump file with "-" prefix
    • praw.errors.HTTPException handling
    • write all activity to log (log.txt)
  • twitter
    • maintain separate jobs for different promotion projects
    • update user status
    • unfollow users who don't reciprocate your follow
    • scan twitter for list of custom queries, dump results in local file (twit_scrape_dump.txt)
      • scan continuously or in overwatch mode
    • optional bypassing of proprietary twitter APIs and their inherent limitations
    • promotion abilities
      • tweepy api
        • follow original posters
        • favorite relevant tweets
        • direct message relevant tweets
        • reply to relevant tweets with random promotional tweet from file (twit_promos.txt)
      • Selenium GUI browser
        • favorite, follow, reply to scraped results while bypassing API limits
      • ignore tweets by marking them in dump file with "-" prefix
    • script for new keyword, hashtag research by gleening scraped results
    • script for filtering out irrelevant keywords, hashtags, screen names
    • script for automating scraping, filtering, and spamming only most relevant results
    • relatively graceful exception handling
    • write all activity to log (log.txt)
  • facebook
    • zero reliance on proprietary facebook APIs and their inherent limitations
    • Selenium GUI browser agent
    • scrape public and private user profiles for keywords using AND, OR, NOT operators
      • note: access to private data requires login to authorized account with associated access
    • scrape public and private group feeds for keywords using AND, OR, NOT operators


  • install dependencies you probably don't have already, errors will show up if you're missing any others
    • install pip3 sudo apt install python3-pip
    • install dependencies pip3 install --user tweepy bs4 praw selenium

reddit initial setup

  • update 'praw.ini' with your reddit app credentials
  • replace example promotions (red_promos.txt) with your own
  • replace example subreddits and keywords (red_subkey_pairs.json) with your own
    • you'll have to follow the existing json format
    • keywords_and: all keywords in this list must be present for positive matching result
    • keywords_or: at least one keyword in this list must be present for positive match
    • keywords_not: none of these keywords can be present in a positive match
    • any of the three lists may be omitted by leaving it empty - e.g. "keywords_not": []



user_agent=fakebot 0.1


{"sub_key_pairs": [
  "subreddits": "androidapps",
  "keywords_and": ["list", "?"],
  "keywords_or": ["todo", "app", "android"],
  "keywords_not": ["playlist", "listen"]

reddit usage

usage: reddit [-h] [-s N] [-n | -H | -r] [-p]

optional arguments:
  -h,	--help		show this help message and exit
  -s N,	--scrape N	scrape subreddits in subreddits.txt for keywords in red_keywords.txt; N = number of posts to scrape
  -n,	--new		scrape new posts
  -H,	--hot		scrape hot posts
  -r,	--rising	scrape rising posts
  -p,	--promote	promote to posts in red_scrape_dump.txt not marked with a "-" prefix

twitter initial setup


  • create new 'twit_promos.txt' in job directory to store your job's promotions to spam
    • individual tweets on seperate lines
    • each line must by <= 140 characters long
  • create new 'twit_queries.txt' in job directory to store your job's queries to scrape twitter for
  • create new 'twit_scrape_dump.txt' file to store your job's returned scrape results

twitter usage

usage: twitter [-h] [-j JOB_DIR] [-t] [-u UNF] [-s] [-c] [-e] [-b]
                          [-f] [-p] [-d]
optional arguments:
 -h, --help		show this help message and exit
 -j JOB_DIR, --job JOB_DIR
	                choose job to run by specifying job's relative directory
 -t, --tweet-status 	update status with random promo from twit_promos.txt
 -u UNF, --unfollow UNF
                        unfollow users who aren't following you back, UNF=number to unfollow

 -s, --scrape		scrape for tweets matching queries in twit_queries.txt
 -c, --continuous	scape continuously - suppress prompt to continue after 50 results per query
 -e, --english         	return only tweets written in English

spam -> browser:
 -b, --browser          favorite, follow, reply to all scraped results and
                        thwart api limits by mimicking human in browser!

spam -> tweepy api:
 -f, --follow		follow original tweeters in twit_scrape_dump.txt
 -p, --promote		favorite tweets and reply to tweeters in twit_scrape_dump.txt with random promo from twit_promos.txt
 -d, --direct-message	direct message tweeters in twit_scrape_dump.txt with random promo from twit_promos.txt

twitter example workflows

  1. continuous mode
    • -cspf scrape and promote to all tweets matching queries
  2. overwatch mode
    • -s scrape first
    • manually edit twit_scrape_dump.txt
      • add '-' to beginning of line to ignore
      • leave line unaltered to promote to
    • -pf then promote to remaining tweets in twit_scrape_dump.txt
  3. gleen common keywords, hashtags, screen names from scrape dumps
    • bash gleen_keywords_from_twit_scrape.bash
      • input file: twit_scrape_dump.txt
      • output file: gleened_keywords.txt
        • results ordered by most occurrences first
  4. filter out keywords/hashtags from scrape dump
    • manually edit gleened_keywords.txt by removing all relevent results
    • filter_out_strings_from_twit_scrape.bash
      • keywords input file: gleened_keywords.txt
      • input file: twit_scrape_dump.txt
      • output file: twit_scrp_dmp_filtd.txt
  5. browser mode
    • -b thwart api limits by promoting to scraped results directly in firefox browser
      • add username and password to lines 5 and 6 of credentials.txt respectively
  6. automatic scrape, filter, spam
    • auto_spam.bash
      • automatically scrape twitter for queries, filter out results to ignore, and spam remaining results
  7. specify job
    • -j studfinder_example/ specify which job directory to execute

Note: if you don't want to maintain individual jobs in separate directories, you may create single credentials, queries, promos, and scrape dump files in main working directory.

facebook initial setup

  • create new client folder in 'facebook/clients/YOUR_CLIENT'
  • create new 'jobs.json' file to store your client's job information in the following format:


	{"name": "",
	"email": "",
	"fb_login": "",
	"fb_password": "",
	"jobs": [
		{"type": "groups",
			"urls": ["",""],
			"keywords_and": ["",""],
			"keywords_or": ["",""],
			"keywords_not": ["",""] },
		{"type": "users",
			"urls": [],
			"keywords_and": [],
			"keywords_or": [],
			"keywords_not": [] }

facebook usage

  • scrape user and group feed urls for keywords
    • clients/YOUR_CLIENT/
      • results output to 'clients/YOUR_CLIENT/results.txt'


  • Flesh out additional suite of promotion and interaction tool for facebook platform
  • Organize platforms and their associated data and tools into their own folders and python scripts
  • Future updates will include modules for scraping and promoting to Instagram.

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