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IDA Plugins & IDAPython Scripting Library.

For documentation, see

Installation (Python 3 & IDA 7.4)

For latest version (IDA7.4 & Python3):

pip3 install -U git+

Or from PyPI:

pip3 install sark

For more info see here.

Python 2 & IDA < 7.4

As of the release of IDA 7.4, Sark is only actively developed for IDA7.4 or newer, and Python 3.

Python2 and older IDA is still supported for bugfixes & community contributions and is maintained on the IDA-6.x branch.

To install Sark for older IDA use:

pip2 install -U git+[email protected]#egg=Sark

Or from PyPI:

pip2 install "sark<7.4"


  1. NetworkX
  2. wrapt


Plugin documentation and installation instructions.

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