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License: GPL v3

An IDA Pro plugin to examine the heap, focused on exploit development.

Currently supports the glibc malloc implementation (ptmalloc2).

3rd place winner of the 2018 Hex-Rays Plugin Contest


  • IDA Pro >= 7.0

Tested on

  • glibc 2.23 <= 2.29 (x86, x64)


  • Heap tracer (malloc/free/calloc/realloc)
    • Detection of overlaps and double-frees
    • Visualization using villoc
  • Malloc chunk info
  • Chunk editor
  • Multi-arena info (chunks, top, last-remainder)
  • Bins info (fastbins, unsortedbin, smallbins y largebins)
  • Tcache info (glibc >= 2.26)
  • GraphView for linked lists (bins/tcache)
  • Structs view (malloc_state / malloc_par / tcache_perthread)
  • Magic utils:
    • Unlink merge info
    • Freeable/merge info
    • Fake fastbin finder
    • House of force helper
    • Useful libc offsets
    • Calc chunk size (request2size)
    • IO_FILE structs


Just drop the file and the heap_viewer folder into IDA's plugin directory.

To install just for the current user, copy the files into one of these directories:

OS Plugin path
Linux/macOS ~/.idapro/plugins
Windows %AppData%\Hex-Rays\IDA Pro\plugins


Currently the plugin does not require to be configured, since it tries to obtain automatically the necessary offsets to analyze the heap.

However, in case the plugin fails, it is possible to set the different offsets in the configuration tab. To obtain these offsets, you can use any of the tools located in the utils folder.

If you find any inconsistency, let me know :)




Arena & chunk info


Tcache entries

Tcache entries



Bin graph


Fastbin graph

fastbin graph

Tcache graph

tcache graph

Find fake fastbin

Find fake fastbin

Unlink merge info

Unlink merge info

Useful libc offsets

Useful libc offsets

Learning Resources

I'd recommend the following resources alongside this tool for learning heap exploiting.


Contributors 🍺

Special mention to my colleagues soez, wagiro and DiaLluvioso for give me some ideas during the development of the plugin. And of course, the @pwndbg project, from which I picked up some things about heap parsing.


Bugs / Feedback / PRs

Any comment, issue or pull request will be highly appreciated :-)

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