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The Top 44 Gcc Open Source Projects

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Osx Gcc Installer ⭐3,087
GCC Installer for OSX! Without Xcode!
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Sol2 ⭐1,946
Sol3 (sol2 v3.0) - a C++ <-> Lua API wrapper with advanced features and top notch performance - is here, and it's great! Documentation:
C ⭐1,762
Compile and execute C "scripts" in one go!
Ghdl ⭐913
VHDL 2008/93/87 simulator
C2goasm ⭐869
C to Go Assembly
Avalonstudio ⭐835
Cross platform IDE and Shell
Ccache ⭐797
ccache – a fast compiler cache
Magic_get ⭐709
std::tuple like methods for user defined types without any macro or boilerplate code
Sgdk ⭐622
SGDK - A free and open development kit for the Sega Megadrive
Croaring ⭐546
Roaring bitmaps in C (and C++)
Gcovr ⭐377
generate code coverage reports with gcc/gcov
Shell ⭐360
Infrastructure Management Shell - Linux
Node Minify ⭐357
Light Node.js module that compress javascript, css and html files
Wac ⭐343
WebAssembly interpreter in C
Ark ⭐325
ARK is a lightweight, agility, elastic, distributed plugin framework written by C++,make it easier and faster to create your own application service.
Ci_helloworld ⭐299
A simple example of how to setup a complete CI environment for C and C++
Gentoolto ⭐289
A Gentoo Portage configuration for building with -O3, Graphite, and LTO optimizations
Uefi Ntfs ⭐240
UEFI:NTFS - Boot NTFS partitions from UEFI
Boomerang ⭐236
Boomerang Decompiler - Fighting the code-rot :)
Gnu Eprog ⭐203
Embedded Programming with the GNU Toolchain
Purec ⭐194
C backend for PureScript
Nginx Http Echo Module ⭐184
A simple Nginx echo module
Efifs ⭐183
EFI FileSystem drivers
Fixed_point ⭐181
C++ Binary Fixed-Point Arithmetic
Xpcc ⭐179
DEPRECATED, use our successor library instead
Gcc Nmf ⭐170
Real-time GCC-NMF Blind Speech Separation and Enhancement
Polymcu ⭐160
An open framework for micro-controller software
Black ⭐137
World's fastest HTML5 2D game engineΒ Β Β πŸ›Έ
Nos ⭐135
RTOS for microcontrollers
Crypto1_bs ⭐127
Bitsliced Crypto-1 brute-forcer
Libosmscout ⭐126
Libosmscout is a C++ library for offline map rendering, routing and location lookup based on OpenStreetMap data
Embedded Ide ⭐110
IDE for C embedded development centered on bare-metal ARM systems
Raspberry Pi Cross Compilers ⭐110
Latest GCC Cross Compiler & Native (ARM & ARM64) build-scripts and CI generated precompiled standalone toolchains for Raspberry Pi.
Vector ⭐101
➿ A supercharged std::vector implementation (minus Allocator)
Arm Cmake Toolchains ⭐101
CMake toolchain configurations for ARM
Cmakepchcompiler ⭐100
CMake precompiled header support via custom PCH compiler extension
Moderncppci ⭐97
This is an example of doing a Modern C++ project with CI
Simplec ⭐96
C/C++ develop tool for android.
Xchain ⭐90
A cross compiler toolchain targeting macOS/iOS/etc.
H8mini_blue_board ⭐38
H8_mini blue board version firmware
Stdex ⭐38
std C++ 11 library impementation with extra features using only C++ 98 and POSIX threads
Emdr1986x Std Per Lib ⭐35
Milandr MCU 1986x Standard Peripherals Library. Mirror:
Beelzebub ⭐24
The Lord of Flies - A hobby operating system
Pdp10 Gcc ⭐7
PDP-10 backend for GCC 3.2
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