bamboolib - a GUI for pandas DataFrames
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Tqdm26,36313,11915,3412 days ago135August 10, 2023482otherPython
:zap: A Fast, Extensible Progress Bar for Python and CLI
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Pandasgui3,057144 days ago44August 14, 202172mit-0Python
A GUI for Pandas DataFrames
Bamboolib8402a year ago36January 25, 202212Jupyter Notebook
bamboolib - a GUI for pandas DataFrames
4 years ago15mitPython
A minimalistic GUI for analyzing Pandas DataFrames.
5 years ago1mitPython
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7 months ago29June 10, 2022Python
GUI for data visualisation based on a csv file or pandas' DataFrame
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It is a basic attendance system based on GUI and marks attendance only if the mask is detected and uses SQLite database. It is under development.
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A PyQt GUI for visualizing pandas dataframes in table format
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Spreadsheet Power Tools GUI - Pandas, PySide, SQLAlchemy
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Community repository of bamboolib

bamboolib is joining forces with Databricks. For more information, please read our announcement.

Please note that this repository does not contain the source code of bamboolib. The repo contains e.g. explanations and code samples for plugins and it serves as a place to answer public questions via issues.

Data Analysis in Python 🐍 - without becoming a programmer or googling syntax

This is the community repository of bamboolib. You can use bamboolib for free if you use bamboolib on your local computer or on Open Data via Binder.

  • If you have any issues or feature requests, please open an issue.

bamboolib is a GUI for pandas DataFrames that enables anyone to work with Python in Jupyter Notebook or JupyterLab.


  • Intuitive GUI that exports Python code
  • Supports all common transformations and visualizations
  • Provides best-practice analyses for data exploration
  • Can be arbitrarily customized via simple Python plugins
  • Integrate any internal or external Python library

Main benefits of bamboolib

  • Enables anyone to analyse data in Python without having to write code
  • Even people who can code use bamboolib because it is faster and easier than writing the code themselves
  • Reduces employee on-boarding time and training costs
  • Enables team members of all skill levels to collaborate within Jupyter and to share the working results as reproducible code
  • No lock-in. You own the code you created with bamboolib
  • All your data remains private and secure

🔍Try bamboolib live on Binder


Install bamboolib for Jupyter Notebook or Jupyter Lab by running the code below in your terminal (or Anaconda Prompt for Windows):

pip install bamboolib

# Jupyter Notebook extensions
python -m bamboolib install_nbextensions

# JupyterLab extensions
python -m bamboolib install_labextensions

After you have installed bamboolib, you can go here to test bamboolib.


You find out how to get started along with tutorials and an API reference on our docs.

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