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Tock - The Open Conversation Kit

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Curious about what Tock is or, who is using it? Check out our website!

Open Conversational AI platform to build Bots:

  • Natural Language Processing open source stack, compatible with OpenNLP, Stanford, Rasa and more
  • Tock Studio user interface to build stories and analytics
  • Conversational DSL for Kotlin, Nodejs, Python and REST API
  • Built-in connectors for numerous text/voice channels: Messenger, WhatsApp, Google Assistant, Alexa, Twitter and more
  • Provided toolkits for custom Web/Mobile integration with React and Flutter
  • Deploy anywhere in the Cloud or On-Premise with Docker

🏠 Home:

🕮 Documentation:

🐋 Docker configurations:

▶️ Live demo:

💬 Contact:

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