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Text Summarization models

if you are able to endorse me on Arxiv, i would be more than glad thanks This repo is built to collect multiple implementations for abstractive approaches to address text summarization , for different languages (Hindi, Amharic, English, and soon isA Arabic)

If you found this project helpful please consider citing our work, it would truly mean so much for me

  author={A. M. {Zaki} and M. I. {Khalil} and H. M. {Abbas}},
  booktitle={2019 14th International Conference on Computer Engineering and Systems (ICCES)}, 
  title={Deep Architectures for Abstractive Text Summarization in Multiple Languages}, 
    title={Amharic Abstractive Text Summarization},
    author={Amr M. Zaki and Mahmoud I. Khalil and Hazem M. Abbas},

it is built to simply run on google colab , in one notebook so you would only need an internet connection to run these examples without the need to have a powerful machine , so all the code examples would be in a jupiter format , and you don't have to download data to your device as we connect these jupiter notebooks to google drive

  • Arabic Summarization Model using the corner stone implemtnation (seq2seq using Bidirecional LSTM Encoder and attention in the decoder) for summarizing Arabic news
  • implementation A Corner stone seq2seq with attention (using bidirectional ltsm ) , three different models for this implemntation
  • implementation B seq2seq with pointer genrator model
  • implementation C seq2seq with reinforcement learning


This repo has been explained in a series of Blogs

Try out this text summarization through this website (eazymind) , eazymind which enables you to summarize your text through

  • curl call
curl -X POST
-H 'cache-control: no-cache' 
-H 'content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded' 
-d "eazykey={eazymind api key}&sentence={your sentence to be summarized}"
from eazymind.nlp.eazysum import Summarizer

#---key from eazymind website---
key = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

#---sentence to be summarized---
sentence = """(CNN)The White House has instructed former
    White House Counsel Don McGahn not to comply with a subpoena
    for documents from House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler, 
    teeing up the latest in a series of escalating oversight 
    showdowns between the Trump administration and congressional Democrats."""
summarizer = Summarizer(key)

Implementation A (seq2seq with attention and feature rich representation)

contains 3 different models that implements the concept of hving a seq2seq network with attention also adding concepts like having a feature rich word representation This work is a continuation of these amazing repos

Model 1

is a modification on of David Currie's seq2seq

Model 2

1- Model_2/Model_2.ipynb

a modification to

2- Model_2/Model 2 features(tf-idf , pos tags).ipynb

a modification to Model 2.ipynb by using concepts from


A folder contains the results of both the 2 models , from validation text samples in a zaksum format , which is combining all of

  • bleu
  • rouge_1
  • rouge_2
  • rouge_L
  • rouge_be for each sentence , and average of all of them

Model 3

a modification to

Implementation B (Pointer Generator seq2seq network)

it is a continuation of the amazing work of this implementation uses the concept of having a pointer generator network to diminish some problems that appears with the normal seq2seq network


uses a pointer generator with seq2seq with attention it is built using python2.7


built by python3 for evaluation

Results/Pointer Generator

  • output from generator (article / reference / summary) used as input to the zaksum_eval.ipynb
  • result from zaksum_eval

i will still work on their implementation of coverage mechanism , so much work is yet to come if God wills it isA

Implementation C (Reinforcement Learning For Sequence to Sequence )

this implementation is a continuation of the amazing work done by

 title={Deep Reinforcement Learning For Sequence to Sequence Models},
 author={Keneshloo, Yaser and Shi, Tian and Ramakrishnan, Naren and Reddy, Chandan K.},
 journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:1805.09461},

Model 5 RL

this is a library for building multiple approaches using Reinforcement Learning with seq2seq , i have gathered their code to run in a jupiter notebook , and to access google drive built for python 2.7


built by python3 for evaluation

Results/Reinforcement Learning

  • output from Model 5 RL used as input to the zaksum_eval.ipynb
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