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This repo has been deprecated. Development work continues as the "abci" crate of informalsystems/tendermint-rs. Please reference that repository in the future.


Tendermint ABCI server, written in the Rust programming language.

Current Version CircleCI

This library implements the ABCI protocol and can be used to write ABCI applications for Tendermint.

Supported Version

  • Tendermint 0.33.6
  • ABCI 0.16.2



Make sure that you have Rust and Cargo installed. The easiest way is to follow the instructions on rustup.

To test the examples, please clone this repository.

git clone

The empty_app example, found under the examples folder, is a good demonstration/bare minimum foundation for a Rust ABCI app.

To use this library to build your own ABCI apps in Rust you have to include the following in your Cargo.toml file.

abci = "0.7.2"


This crate already contains the compiled ABCI protobuf messages. If you want to update protobuf messages to a newer version of Tendermint. Run make update-proto

Running the examples


To run either of the example apps you have to have Tendermint installed and initialised (Remember to run tendermint init!). Please install it according to these instructions. After initializing and configuring the node, Tendermint can be run with:

tendermint node

After the node is online, you can run the empty_app example using cargo run --example empty_app.

To run the counter_app run cargo run --example counter_app and send transaction to Tendermint via:

curl localhost:26657/broadcast_tx_commit?tx=0x01
curl localhost:26657/broadcast_tx_commit?tx=0x02

For a real life example of an ABCI application you can checkout Cosmos SDK or Ethermint.

Tendermint Compatibility Table

Tendermint Rust-abci
0.33.6 0.7.2
0.33.5 0.7.1
0.33.1 0.7.0
0.32.9 0.6.5
0.31.7 0.5.4


Coming soon!

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