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A Java implementation of the Tendermint Application BlockChain Interface (ABCI)


How to use

Check out or for examples.

Maven integration

jABCI v0.32.3 Release is now available via maven central. Use the following dependency to include the latest release:


Update protobuf types

When you make changes to the protobuf file, you can enable the appropriate build-phase for the compiler-plugin to generate the file(s) in the target-directory. Just switch the comments on line pom.xml.

From commandline:

cd jabci/src/main/java
protoc  --java_out=. --proto_path=../proto/. ../proto/types.proto


jabci tendermint
0.12.x 0.12.x
0.15 0.15.0
0.16 0.16.0
0.17.1 0.17.0
0.17.1 0.17.1
0.17.1 0.18.0
0.17.1 0.19.0
0.20.0.x 0.20.x
0.20.0.x 0.21.x
0.20.0.x 0.22.x
0.24.0 0.24
0.24.0 0.25
0.26.0 0.26 - 0.30.1
0.32.3 0.32.3

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