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Shell Scripting Tutorial

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Shell Scripting for Amazon Web Services to Manage it's resources

A complete begineers guide to learn shell scripting from scratch which includes Videos, Practice scenarios and project idea. I will create one file for one topic with code.

Before jumping into the Shell scripting below are commands you have to practice for better understanding and familiar with Linux command line interface.

If you do not learn below commands also fine but i personally recommend you to learn commands first.

103 Linux Commands Video Tutorial

alias and unalias, arch, arp, at, awk, bc, blkid, cal, cat, cd, chage, chattr, chgrp, chmod, chown, cp, cpio, crontab, curl, cut, date, dd, df, diff, dig, dnf, du, expr, fdisk, file, find, firewall-cmd, free, ftp, grep, head, history, hostname, id, ifconfig, iostat, ip, kill, last, lessandmore, ln, locate, lpstatandlpadmin, ls, lsof, lspci, mail, man, mdadm, mkdirandrmdir, mkisofs, mount, mutt, mv, nano, netstat, nice, renice, nslookup, passwd, pam_tally2, paste, ping, perloneliner, pkill, ps, pwd, reboot, poweroff, rm, rpm, rsync, scp, screen, sed, sort, ss, ssh, sysctl, tail, tar, tcpdump, top, touch, tr, traceroute, umask, uname, uniq, uptime, useradd, vi, vmstat, w, who, watch, wc, wget, ypcat, yppasswd, yum, zip, sar

After that start learning shell scripting using below topics

Resource to Download

Write Your Own Method of Script for below Scenario

  • Scenario: Everyday from Monday to Friday one directory will be created under /fullbackup/dailybackup/YYYY-MM-DD and it will move backup to its parent directory everyday midnight /fullbackup/archive/, However Saturday, Sunday and Monday directories will move to /fullbackup/archive path every monday evening.

  • Directory Names Example: 2018-12-24 2018-12-25 2018-12-26 2018-12-27 2018-12-28

  • Question: I would like to delete directories older than two days from /fullbackup/archive path. How do you do it using any scripting methods.

  • Problem Statement: I was trying to use find /path/ -type d -mtime +2 -print0 | xargs -r0 rm --. This command does not work as expected due to directory modified date for SAT, SUN and MON moved directories same for all as Monday date.

  • How Do you solve it.?? Write Shell Script to accomplish this task. Should run through crontab and clear directories older than two days.

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