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This repository is now archived if you want to continue development you are free to fork the repository and use the binaries after the consent of the mentioned authorsq

Hello People,

Today I bring to you a script to install java in Termux without root!

Availability: openjdk-11.0.1 and openjdk8 for 64-bit cpu's while only jdk-8 for 32-bit cpu's. 64-bit cpu can opt partial ar full version

Downloads Available for

  • aarch64
  • armv8
  • arm64

Note: all above cpu is 64-bit and uses same binary(jdk)

  • armhf
  • armv7l
  • arm/arm32/armv7/aarch32
  • armv8l

Note : all above cpu except armv8l is 32-bit and uses same binary(jdk). armv8l is 64-bit but acts like 32-bit, hence jdk8

JDK8 May be buggy... Help is required to resolve bugs... JDK11 is 64 bit machines are lucky

  • You may check your architecture by uname -a command


git clone --depth=1
cd java-in-termux
chmod +x


  • Java will be installed, check it by running java --version command from terminal
  • Package is about 200+MB(jdk11), 70MB(jdk8) or just 20MB (incase of partial installation for 64-bit cpus) and needs constant internet for proper installation
  • Restart termux after installation


  • I have not compiled jdk, just wrote script
  • Jdk 8 is by Hax4us , compiled by me.
  • Jdk 11(partial) is from JVDroid app.
  • Jdk 11 is from Lzhiyong's repo Termux-ndk
  • Jdk 9 is archived termux's disabled package

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