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Dependency tool for Protocol Buffers IDL file (.proto) vendoring tool.


In building Microservices architecture, gRPC with Protocol Buffers is effective. When using gRPC, your application will depend on many remote services.

If you manage proto files in a git repository, what will you do? Most remote services are managed by git and they will be versioned. We need to control which dependency service version that application uses.


go get

$ go get

from binary

Support as follows:

  • protodep_darwin_amd64.tar.gz
  • protodep_linux_386.tar.gz
  • protodep_linux_amd64.tar.gz
  • protodep_linux_arm.tar.gz
  • protodep_linux_arm64.tar.gz
$ wget
$ tar -xf protodep_darwin_amd64.tar.gz
$ mv protodep /usr/local/bin/



Proto dependency management is defined in protodep.toml.

proto_outdir = "./proto"

  target = ""
  branch = "master"

  target = ""
  revision = "v1.2.2"
  path = "grpc-gateway/examplepb"

  target = ""
  branch = "master"
  path = "helm/hapi"
  ignores = ["./release", "./rudder", "./services", "./version"]

protodep up

In same directory, execute this command.

$ protodep up

If succeeded, protodep.lock is generated.

protodep up -f (force update)

Even if protodep.lock exists, you can force update dependenies.

$ protodep up -f

[Attention] Changes from 0.1.0

From protodep 0.1.0 supports ssh-agent, and this is the default. In other words, in order to operate protodep without options as before, it is necessary to set with ssh-add.

As the follows:

$ ssh-add ~/.ssh/id_rsa
$ protodep up

Getting via HTTPS

If you want to get it via HTTPS, do as follows.

$ protodep up --use-https

And also, if Basic authentication is required, do as follows. If you have 2FA enabled, specify the Personal Access Token as the password.

$ protodep up --use-https \
    --basic-auth-username=your-github-username \



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