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Azure Kubernetes Service with Azure DevOps and Terraform


Course Modules

S.No Azure Service Name
1. Create Azure AKS Cluster using Azure Portal
2. Docker Fundamentals
3. Imperative Method: Kubernetes Fundamentals using kubectl
4. Declarative Method: Kubernetes Fundamentals using YAML
5. Azure Disks for AKS Storage
5.1 Custom Storage Class, PVC and PV
5.2 AKS default Storage class, PVC and PV
5.3 User Management Web Application Deployment with MySQL as storage using Storage Class, PVC and PV
6. Azure MySQL for AKS Storage
7. Kubernetes Secrets
8. Azure Files for AKS Storage
9. Ingress Basics
10. Ingress Context path based Routing
11. Azure DNS Zones - Delegate domain from AWS to Azure
12. Ingress and External DNS with Azure DNS Zones
13. Ingress Domain Name based Routing with External DNS
14. Ingress SSL with LetsEncrypt
15. Kubernetes Requests & Limits
16. Kubernetes Namespaces
16.1 Kubernetes Namespaces - Imperative
16.2 Kubernetes Namespaces - Limit Range
16.3 Kubernetes Namespaces - Resource Quota
17 Azure Virtual Nodes for AKS
17.1 Azure Virtual Nodes Basics
17.2 Azure AKS Virtual Nodes Mixed Mode Deployments
18 Azure Container Registry for AKS
18.1 Integrate Azure Container Registry ACR with AKS
18.2 Azure AKS Pull Docker Images from ACR using Service Principal
18.3 Pull Docker Images from ACR using Service Principal and Run on Azure Virtual Nodes
19 Azure DevOps with AKS Cluster
19.1 Azure DevOps - Build and Push Docker Image to Azure Container Registry
19.2 Azure DevOps - Build, Push to ACR and Deploy to AKS
19.3 Azure DevOps - Create Starter Pipeline
19.4 Azure DevOps - Release Pipelines
20 Azure AKS - Enable HTTP Application Routing AddOn
21 Azure AKS Authentication with Azure AD and Kubernetes RBAC
21.1 Azure AKS Cluster Access with Multiple Clusters
21.2 Azure AD Integration with Azure AKS for Authentication
21.3 Kubernetes RBAC Role & Role Binding with Azure AD on AKS
21.4 Kubernetes RBAC Cluster Role & Role Binding with AD on AKS
22 Azure AKS Cluster Autoscaling
22.1 Azure AKS - Cluster Autoscaler
22.2 Azure AKS - Horizontal Pod Autoscaler HPA
23 Azure AKS Production Grade Cluster Design using AZ AKS CLI
23.1 Create Azure AKS Cluster using AZ AKS CLI
23.2 Create Azure AKS Linux, Windows and Virtual Node Pools
23.3 Deploy Apps to Azure AKS Linux, Windows and Virtual Node Pools
24 Provision Azure AKS Clusters using Terraform
24.1 Terraform Command Basics
24.2 Terraform Language Basics
24.3 Provision AKS Cluster using Terraform
24.4 Create AKS Cluster Linux and Windows Node Pools
24.5 Create Azure AKS Cluster using Custom Virtual Network
25 Provision Azure AKS using Terraform & Azure DevOps

Azure Services Covered

S.No Azure Service Name
01. Azure AKS
02. Azure Disks
03. Azure Files
04. Azure MySQL Database
05. Azure Storage Accounts
06. Azure Cloud Shell
07. Azure Load Balancer
08. Azure DNS Zones
09. Azure Container Registries ACR
10. Azure Container Registries ACR with Azure Service Principal
11. Azure DevOps - Build Pipelines with ACR & Github Repositories
12. Azure DevOps - Release Pipelines with AKS
13. Azure Public IP Address
14. Azure Standard Load Balancer
15. Azure Virtual Networks
16. Azure Active Directory
17. Azure Container Instances - Virtual Nodes
18. Azure AKS Windows and Linux User NodePools
19. Azure Managed Service Identity - MSI
20. Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets
21. Azure Log Analytics Workspaces for Azure Monitor

Kubernetes Concepts Covered

S.No Kubernetes Concept Name
1. Kubernetes Architecture
2. Pods
3. ReplicaSets
4. Deployments
5. Services - Load Balancer Service
6. Services - Cluster IP Service
7. Services - External Name Service
8. Services - Ingress Service
9. Services - Ingress SSL & SSL Redirect
10. Services - Ingress & External DNS
11. Services - Domain Name based Routing
12. Imperative - with kubectl
13. Declarative - Declarative with YAML
14. Secrets
15. Init Containers
16. Requests & Limits
17. Namespaces - Imperative
18. Namespaces - Limit Range
19. Namespaces - Resource Quota
20. Storage Classes
21. Persistent Volumes
22. Persistent Volume Claims
23. Services - Load Balancers
24. Annotations
25. HPA - Horizontal Pod Autoscaler
26. CA - Cluster Autoscaler
27. Config Maps
28. RBAC - Role & Role Bindings
29. RBAC - Cluster Role & Cluster Role Bindings
30. Virtual Kubelet
31. Secrets - Image Pull Secrets

List of Docker Images on Docker Hub

Application Name Docker Image Name
Simple Nginx V1 stacksimplify/kubenginx:1.0.0
Spring Boot Hello World API stacksimplify/kube-helloworld:1.0.0
Simple Nginx V2 stacksimplify/kubenginx:2.0.0
Simple Nginx V3 stacksimplify/kubenginx:3.0.0
Simple Nginx V4 stacksimplify/kubenginx:4.0.0
Backend Application stacksimplify/kube-helloworld:1.0.0
Frontend Application stacksimplify/kube-frontend-nginx:1.0.0
Kube Nginx App1 stacksimplify/kube-nginxapp1:1.0.0
Kube Nginx App2 stacksimplify/kube-nginxapp2:1.0.0
User Management Web Application stacksimplify/kube-usermgmt-webapp:1.0.0-MySQLDB

List of Docker Images you build in Azure Container Registry

Application Name Docker Image Name
ACR attached to AKS
ACR with Service Principal
ACR with Service Principal

Sample Applications

  • Nginx Applications
  • User Management Web Application built using Spring Boot using MySQL as underlying storage

What will students learn in your course?

  • You will learn to build Azure AKS Production grade clusters using Azure AKS CLI
  • You will learn terraform from basics and create terraform manifests for provisioning Azure AKS Production grade clusters
  • You will learn to provision Azure AKS Clusters using Terraform and Azure DevOps.
  • You will learn 30+ kubernetes concepts and use 21 Azure Services in combination with Azure AKS
  • You will implement DevOps concepts with Azure DevOps Continuous Integration Pipelines and Continuous Deliver Pipelines also called Release Pipelines
  • You will write Azure DevOps CI Pipelines from scratch using Starter Pipelines
  • You will write kubernetes manifests with confidence after going through live template writing sections
  • You will learn Kubernetes Fundamentals in both imperative and declarative approaches
  • You will learn writing & deploying k8s manifests for storage concepts like storage class, persistent volume claim pvc, mysql
  • You will learn to switch from native Azure Disks to Azure MySQL Database using k8s external name service
  • You will learn writing and deploying load balancer k8s manifests for Azure Standard Load Balancer
  • You will learn writing ingress k8s manifests by enabling features like context path based routing, domain name based routing, SSL with LetsEncrypt and External DNS.
  • You will learn writing k8s manifests for Azure Virtual Nodes (serverless) and do mixed mode workload deployments in both Azure Linux NodePools and Virtual Nodes.
  • You will learn using ACR - Azure Container Registry in combination with AKS in 3 ways (ACR Attach, using Service Principal, on Virtual Nodes).
  • You will learn to enable Autoscaling features like HPA & Cluster Autoscaler
  • You will learn Docker fundamentals by implementing usecases like download image from Docker Hub and run on local desktop and build an image locally, test and push to Docker Hub.
  • You will master many kubectl commands over the process
  • You will learn to integrate Azure AKS with Azure Active Directory for AKS Admins to be created managed in Azure Active Directory
  • You will learn Kubernetes RBAC concepts like role, role-binding, cluster role, cluster role binding in combination with Azure AD for Azure AKS granular level access

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • You must have an Azure Cloud account to follow with me for hands-on activities.
  • You dont need to have any basic Docker or kubernetes knowledge to start this course.

Who are your target students?

  • Azure Architects or Sysadmins or Developers who are planning to master Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) for running applications on Kubernetes
  • Any beginner who is interested in learning kubernetes on cloud using Azure AKS.
  • Any beginner who is interested in learning Azure DevOps, Terraform to provision Azure Kubernetes Clusters

Github Repositories used for this course

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