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A simple manager for network connections using rofi and nmcli. Strongly inspired/based on rofi-wifi-menu. Most of the code (I would say all code) was copied from the original creator. I've only refactored the code to improve performance and easily add new features.


  • Disable/Enable device
  • Connect to existing network
  • Disconnect from active networking
  • Requests password
  • Manual Connections
    • Resquest SSID and Password of the network
  • External source config


  • NetworkManager (nmcli)
  • Rofi
  • wireless_tools


To use with click event on polybar

type = internal/network
format-connected = %{A1:$HOME/.config/polybar/scripts/nmcli-rofi:}<ramp-signal>%{A}
format-disconnected = %{A1:$HOME/.config/polybar/scripts/nmcli-rofi:}icon-or-label%{A}

To use with i3wm keybinding

bindsym $mod+n exec /path/to/nmcli-rofi

Replace modifier if you need

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