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gibo: fast access to .gitignore boilerplates


gibo (short for .gitignore boilerplates) is a shell script to help you easily access .gitignore boilerplates from

Typical usage

$ gibo dump Swift Xcode >> .gitignore

For additional usage instructions, run gibo help.


Installation on OS X using Homebrew

brew install gibo

Installation on Fedora Linux

gibo is avaiable as a COPR repository. It provides packages for main script and bash / zsh completions:

dnf copr enable saschpe/gibo
dnf install gibo gibo-bash-completion gibo-zsh-completion

Installation on other (*nix) platforms

Just download gibo and put it somewhere on your $PATH. Then:

chmod +x /path/to/gibo   # Make gibo executable
gibo update              # Initialise gibo

You can automate this with the following one-liner (assuming ~/bin is on your $PATH).

curl -L \
    -so ~/bin/gibo && chmod +x ~/bin/gibo && gibo update

Installation on Windows

Using scoop

The easiest way to install gibo on Windows is to use scoop, a PowerShell-based package-manager of sorts for Windows:

scoop update
scoop install gibo

A great benefit to using scoop, is that it provides an easy way to update its packages, including gibo:

scoop update
scoop update gibo

git installation

You can download the whole gibo repo directly from GitHub:

md "C:\Users\<Your User>\bin"
cd /D "C:\Users\<Your User>\bin"
git clone gibo

Then add the full gibo directory (C:\Users\<Your User>\bin\gibo) to your system's PATH environment variable.

Manual installation

To manually install only the gibo.bat file, download it to your computer and save it to any directory that is in your PATH.

Right-click this link and select 'Save target as...' (or 'Save link as...' depending on your browser) to save it to your computer.

A good directory to put the file is C:\Users\<Your User>\bin and add that directory to your system's PATH environment variable. Where ever you put it, make sure the batch file is accessible via where gibo.

Installation on Docker

Just type the following command.

$ docker run --rm simonwhitaker/gibo

Tab completion in bash, zsh and fish

bash, zsh and fish users can enjoy the deluxe gibo experience by enabling tab completion of available boilerplate names.

Sorry, there is no tab completion support in Windows.

bash instructions

Copy gibo-completion.bash into a bash_completion.d folder:

  • /etc/bash_completion.d
  • /usr/local/etc/bash_completion.d
  • ~/bash_completion.d

or copy it somewhere (e.g. ~/.gibo-completion.bash) and put the following in your .bashrc:

source ~/.gibo-completion.bash

zsh instructions

Copy gibo-completion.zsh somewhere in your $fpath. The convention for autoloaded functions used in completion is that they start with an underscore, so I suggest you rename it to _gibo.

Alternatively, you can use gibo-completion.zsh as an oh-my-zsh plugin by following these instructions.

fish instructions

Copy to somewhere in your $fish_complete_path.

Use gibo to generate .hgignore files

The glob .hgignore syntax for Mercurial is compatible with .gitignore syntax. This means that you can use gibo to generate .hgignore files, as long as the .hgignore files use the glob syntax:

echo 'syntax: glob' > .hgignore
$ gibo dump Python TextMate >> .hgignore


gibo was written by Simon Whitaker (@s1mn)

Thanks to yevgenko for adding the curl-based installation instructions.

Thanks to kodybrown for adding the gibo.bat batch file for Windows.

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