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Monitor sensor readings with this HWiNFO64 Stream Deck Plugin
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Bespoke4,545533943 years ago6September 24, 20154mitJavaScript
DIY Presentation Micro-Framework
8 years agoFebruary 22, 202119JavaScript
jQuery plugin for making scrolling presentation decks
Streamdeck Tools346
35 months ago18January 20, 20215mitC#
The Stream Deck Tools library wraps all the communication with the Stream Deck app, allowing you to focus on actually writing the Plugin's logic
Flight Tracker Streamdeck341
4 days ago32gpl-3.0C#
A Stream Deck plugin to interact with Microsoft Flight Simulation
Streamdeck Googlemeet260
a month ago11mitPython
A Stream Deck plugin to manage your Google Meet microphone and camera.
Arena Helper229
2 years ago17C#
A plugin for Hearthstone Deck Tracker that helps drafting Hearthstone arena decks.
Streamdeck Plugintemplate212
7 months ago4mitJavaScript
Stream Deck SDK: Plugin Template
Streamdeck Philipshue175
9 months ago7mitJavaScript
Stream Deck SDK: Philips Hue sample plugin
Hwinfo Streamdeck172
6 months ago31CSS
Monitor sensor readings with this HWiNFO64 Stream Deck Plugin
Skrollr Decks139
27 years agoFebruary 19, 20158mitJavaScript
skrollr plugin for fullpage presentation decks
Alternatives To Hwinfo Streamdeck
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HWiNFO Stream Deck Plugin

Major refactor landed in pre-release v2.0.0, plugin code open sourced, remote monitoring infrastructure support

Thank you & Looking for Maintainers

Thank you everyone who has used and enjoyed this plugin. It started as a passion project and I continue to use it day to day. I am happy to finally release the full source on GitHub. When I first built it, it was closed under agreement with the HWiNFO64 project. They have since opened up the shared memory interface and now the plugin is freely open.

I haven't had the time to dedicate to this project in some time and appreciate everyone for hanging in there. I hope to work with some of you who are eager to take the project over. I am happy and ready to hand over the reigns. If there are development questions I'm happy to share my thoughts on the code and structure that exists.


alt text

NOTICE: HWiNFO64 must be run in Sensors-only mode for the plugin to work.

Enabling Support in HWiNFO64

NOTICE: It has been reported that running the "portable" version of HWiNFO64 doesn't work with this plugin. The recommendation is to run the version with the installer until I can figure out the issue.

  1. Download and install HWiNFO64, if you haven't already

    HWiNFO Website

  2. Choose "Sensors-only" mode

    alt text

  3. Click "Settings"

    alt text

  4. Ensure "Shared Memory Support" is checked

    alt text

  5. (Optional) Recommended launch settings

    alt text

  6. Click "OK" then, "Run"

    If the plugin doesn't work immediately, you may have to quit and reopen HWiNFO64.

    From the system tray:

    alt text

Install and Setup the Plugin

  1. Download the latest pre-compiled plugin

    Plugin Releases

    When upgrading, first uninstall: within the Stream Deck app choose "More Actions..." (bottom-right), locate "HWiNFO" and choose "Uninstall". Your tiles and settings will be preserved.

  2. Double-click to install the plugin

  3. Choose "Install" went prompted by Stream Deck

    alt text

  4. Locate "HWiNFO" under "Custom" in the action list

    alt text

  5. Drag the "HWiNFO" action from the list to a tile in the canvas area

    alt text

  6. Configure the action to display the sensor reading you wish

    alt text

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