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Marp: Markdown Presentation Ecosystem

Marp is the ecosystem to write your presentation with plain Markdown.

Marp family

Our project is spread over many repos in order to focus on a limited scope per repository.

This repo (marp-team/marp) is an entrance to the Marp family, and places our website in /website.

Framework / Core

Name Description Release
Marpit The skinny framework for creating slide deck from Markdown. ( @marp-team/marpit
Marp Core The core of Marp converter with practical features and built-in themes. @marp-team/marp-core


Name Description Release
Marp CLI Marp Core / Marpit's CLI interface to convert into HTML, PDF, PPTX, and image(s). @marp-team/marp-cli


Name Description Release
Marp for VS Code A VS Code extension to preview the slide deck written in Marp Markdown. VS Marketplace
See outdated/inactive projects...
Name Description Release
Marp Web The Web interface of Marp based on PWA and Preact framework. tech demo
Marp React Marp renderer component for React. @marp-team/marp-react
Marp Vue Marp renderer component for Vue. @marp-team/marp-vue

And there is a gravesite of classic Marp app in 👻


Starter by Marp author


Let us know if you have created an awesome slide deck with Marp ecosystem! Edit and send pull request.


Marp and sub-projects are following the contributing guideline of marp-team. Please read this before starting work in our projects.


Managed by @marp-team.


We are supported by them! Thanks for our sponsors! ❤️

Organization sponsors

mimacom ZEN ARCHITECTS Co.,Ltd.

Personal sponsors

cheese is sponsored yhatt junta-m is sponsored yhatt
cheese junta-m

Doctor-love is sponsored yhatt harsh183 is sponsored yhatt laughk is sponsored yhatt loic-yvonnet is sponsored yhatt mattwigway is sponsored yhatt miyachik is sponsored yhatt mrkn is sponsored yhatt pataiji is sponsored yhatt serima is sponsored yhatt synapticvoid is sponsored yhatt tsuemura is sponsored yhatt zhangchuck is sponsored yhatt

Do you want to sponsor the member of Marp team? See GitHub Sponsors profile(s) from " Sponsor" button at the top of repository.


MIT License

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