A simple, in-browser, markdown-driven slideshow tool.
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Remark11,9171310 months ago1June 25, 2017160mitHTML
A simple, in-browser, markdown-driven slideshow tool.
Nodeppt9,325942 years ago105June 28, 202017mitJavaScript
This is probably the best web presentation tool so far!
2 years ago8mitPython
Markdown Presentations for Tech Conferences, Training, Developer Advocates, and Educators.
Cleaver3,916674a year ago45December 03, 201717mitJavaScript
30-second slideshows for hackers
2a month ago43March 12, 202126gpl-2.0Haskell
Terminal-based presentations using Pandoc
Xaringan1,40122143 months ago25June 14, 202237otherCSS
Presentation Ninja 幻灯忍者 · 写轮眼
Showoff9243683a month ago85April 12, 202156mitJavaScript
Don't just present; interact with your audience!
10a year ago27March 15, 202215mitJavaScript
:sweat_drops: CLI tool for making HTML presentations with Remark.js using Markdown
Gatsby Starter Deck498
3 years agomitJavaScript
🗣 Create presentations using Gatsby, React & Markdown.
Hacker Slides284
4 years agoMarch 06, 201818mitGo
A small UI for building presentation slides from markdown markup
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A simple, in-browser, markdown-driven slideshow tool targeted at people who know their way around HTML and CSS, featuring:

  • Markdown formatting, with smart extensions
  • Presenter mode with markdown formatted speaker notes and cloned slideshow view
  • Syntax highlighting, supporting a range of languages
  • Slide scaling, thus similar appearance on all devices / resolutions
  • Simple markdown templates for customized slides
  • Touch support for smart phones and pads, i.e. swipe to navigate slides

Check out this remark slideshow for a brief introduction.

To render your Markdown-based slideshow on the fly, checkout Remarkise.

Getting Started

It takes only a few, simple steps to get up and running with remark:

  1. Create an HTML file to contain your slideshow (see boilerplate below)
  2. Open the HTML file in a decent browser
  3. Edit the Markdown and/or CSS styles as needed, save and refresh!
  4. Press C to clone a display; then press P to switch to presenter mode. Open help menu with h.

See any of the boilerplate-*.html files (the -local one requires building remark first), or just copy the boilerplate HTML below to start:

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <meta charset="utf-8">
      @import url(;
      @import url(,700,400italic);
      @import url(,700,400italic);

      body { font-family: 'Droid Serif'; }
      h1, h2, h3 {
        font-family: 'Yanone Kaffeesatz';
        font-weight: normal;
      .remark-code, .remark-inline-code { font-family: 'Ubuntu Mono'; }
    <textarea id="source">

class: center, middle

# Title


# Agenda

1. Introduction
2. Deep-dive
3. ...


# Introduction

    <script src="">
      var slideshow = remark.create();

How To Use remark

The wiki pages contain all the how-to, templating, and API help.

Real-world remark slideshows

On using remark:

Other interesting stuff:


Converting to PDF is primarily supported via Chrome's Print to PDF feature. Note that the styling is not exact; See #50 for some recommended CSS to add to your styles.

Alternatively, you can use DeckTape, a PDF exporter for HTML presentation frameworks that provides support for remark.


Thanks goes to these people for their contributions:

  • Aaron Meurer
  • Adam Obeng
  • Adam Strzelecki
  • Aleksandar Trifunovic
  • Alexander Brett
  • Alex Claman
  • Alex Y. Wagner
  • Allan Jiang
  • Amin Bandali
  • Andrea Georgieva
  • Andrew Gaul
  • Andrey Ustyuzhanin
  • Antonin Stefanutti
  • Axel Rauschmayer
  • Baron Schwartz
  • Bastian Venthur
  • Bengt Lüers
  • Benjamin Stigsen
  • Bernát Kalló
  • bobappleyard
  • Brandon Keepers
  • Breno Polanski
  • Bruno Fagundez
  • bugdone
  • Cameron Daigle
  • Chris Kanich
  • Christian Dreier
  • Christopher McClellan
  • Christoph Gnip
  • cjwit
  • Claudio Bley
  • Daan van Berkel
  • Daniel Stankiewicz
  • Daniel Wang
  • Danny Tuppeny
  • Dan Steingart
  • datamike
  • Dave Henderson
  • David Richards
  • derickfay
  • Dirk Husemann
  • Erwann Mest
  • Fabian
  • Felix C. Stegerman
  • Florian Rathgeber
  • follower
  • Gerard Capes
  • gnab
  • Grégoire Pineau
  • Gurjeet Singh
  • Hadrien Frank Cardinal de Cuzey
  • Hiroshi Fukada
  • Hubert Chen
  • Hunter-Github
  • hydroid7
  • Ivo Wever
  • J_4lexander
  • Jason
  • Jason Underhill
  • Jérôme Petazzoni
  • Jimmy Merrild Krag
  • Joe Beda
  • Joel Porquet
  • Johannes Wienke
  • Julien Wajsberg
  • kellyoconor
  • kerim
  • kernc
  • Kim Joar Bekkelund
  • Lauro Caetano
  • Loreia
  • Marcel Schilling
  • Markus Schanz
  • Martin
  • Martin 'Hasan' Bramwell
  • Mathias Bynens
  • Matthew
  • Mears-UFL
  • mhor
  • Michael Byrne
  • Michael Grosser
  • Michael Mol
  • Michael Sanford
  • Mike Pennisi
  • Morton Fox
  • mrbald
  • Nicolas Hart
  • Oleksiy Syvokon
  • Ole Petter Bang
  • Ozan K
  • Pavel Boldyrev
  • Pedro
  • Pedro Martin
  • Peter Jausovec
  • petitviolet
  • Pi-Hsun Shih
  • pille1842
  • piranha
  • pospi
  • Psychos-Yi
  • punkish
  • Radovan Bast
  • Rahul Bansal
  • Rasmus Vestergaard Hansen
  • rasmusvhansen
  • Renato Alves
  • rglepe
  • Rich Trott
  • Roberto Soares
  • Robert Perce
  • Robert Szmurło
  • Robin Berjon
  • Rolf
  • Rostyk
  • Russell Keith-Magee
  • Ryan Thomson
  • Sarah Binney
  • Scott Hewitt
  • Sebastian Pipping
  • Sequoia McDowell
  • Shane Curcuru
  • Shaun Hammill
  • siba prasad samal
  • Simon Hengel
  • Stian Mathiassen
  • stu-b-doo
  • Sylvain Abélard
  • Takashi Kanemoto
  • Tej Chajed
  • Thomas Ballinger
  • Tobias Løfgren
  • Todd Brannam
  • Todd Gureckis
  • Tome Tanasovski
  • Tom Kraak
  • Torgeir Thoresen
  • tripu
  • vdepabk2t
  • William Ghelfi
  • Willi Rath
  • Wouter Sioen
  • Yihui Xie
  • Yinhe Zhang
  • Yohan Lasorsa
  • Yoshiya Hinosawa


remark is licensed under the MIT license. See LICENSE for further details.

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