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🚨 This starter is now archived in favor of gatsby-theme-mdx-deck. Thanks for your interest 💜


dependencies deploys by netlify styled with prettier

Create presentations using Gatsby, React & Markdown. Inspired by Guillermo Rauch’s deck on Next.js and mdx-deck.

➡️ See a live example


With gatsby-cli

$ gatsby new my-slides

With git clone

$ git clone [email protected]:fabe/gatsby-starter-deck.git my-slides
$ cd my-slides
$ yarn


Edit and extend your slides inside the src/ file. Navigate with the arrow keys.

# To develop & write
$ yarn develop

# To build
$ yarn build


By default, use src/slides/.

Markdown files are loaded in sorted path order. Slides are generated by splitting each markdown file along <hr/> elements (--- in Markdown lingo).


# This is the first slide


## This is the second slide



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