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Input Remapper

Formerly Key Mapper

An easy to use tool to change the mapping of your input device buttons.
Supports mice, keyboards, gamepads, X11, Wayland, combined buttons and programmable macros.
Allows mapping non-keyboard events (click, joystick, wheel) to keys of keyboard devices.

Usage - Macros - Installation - Development - Screenshots - Examples


pacaur -S input-remapper-git

Get a .deb file from the release page or install the latest changes via:

sudo apt install git python3-setuptools gettext
git clone
cd input-remapper && ./scripts/
sudo apt install ./dist/input-remapper-1.5.0.deb

input-remapper is now part of Debian Unstable and of Ubuntu


Dependencies: python3-evdev 1.3.0, gtksourceview4, python3-devel, python3-pydantic, python3-pydbus

Python packages need to be installed globally for the service to be able to import them. Don't use --user

sudo pip install evdev -U  # If newest version not in distros repo
sudo pip uninstall key-mapper  # In case the old package is still installed
sudo pip install --no-binary :all: git+
sudo systemctl enable input-remapper
sudo systemctl restart input-remapper

If it doesn't seem to install, you can also try sudo python3 install


The beta branch contains features that still require work, but that are ready for testing. It uses a different config path, so your presets won't break. input-remapper-beta-git can be installed from the AUR. If you are facing problems, please open up an issue.


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