Unified cloud storage API for storage services.
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Alibaba Cloud Csi Driver449
2 days ago57February 18, 20226apache-2.0Go
CSI Plugin for Kubernetes, Support Alibaba Cloud EBS/NAS/OSS/CPFS/LVM.
Cloudstorage7641a year ago12January 15, 202124mitPython
Unified cloud storage API for storage services.
Docker Registry Driver Qiniu26
9 years ago1gpl-2.0Python
This is a docker-registry backend driver for Qiniu Cloud Storage.
6 years agoapache-2.0Python
Alternatives To Cloudstorage
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Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage is a Python +3.5 package which creates a unified API for the cloud storage services: Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Microsoft Azure Storage, Minio Cloud Storage, Rackspace Cloud Files, Google Cloud Storage, and the Local File System.

Cloud Storage is inspired by Apache Libcloud. Advantages to Apache Libcloud Storage are:

  • Full Python 3 support.
  • Generate temporary signed URLs for downloading and uploading files.
  • Support for request and response headers like Content-Disposition.
  • Pythonic! Iterate through all blobs in containers and all containers in storage using respective objects.


>>> from import S3Driver
>>> storage = S3Driver(key='<my-aws-access-key-id>', secret='<my-aws-secret-access-key>')

>>> container = storage.create_container('avatars')
>>> container.cdn_url

>>> avatar_blob = container.upload_blob('/path/my-avatar.png')
>>> avatar_blob.cdn_url

>>> avatar_blob.generate_download_url(expires=3600)

>>> container.generate_upload_url('user-1-avatar.png', expires=3600)
    'url': '',
    'fields': {
        'key': 'user-1-avatar.png',
        'AWSAccessKeyId': '<my-aws-access-key-id>',
        'policy': '<generated-policy>',
        'signature': '<generated-signature>'

Supported Services


To install Cloud Storage:

pip install cloudstorage

Also install the storage driver(s) you will be using:

pip install cloudstorage[amazon]
pip install cloudstorage[google]
pip install cloudstorage[local]
pip install cloudstorage[microsoft]
pip install cloudstorage[minio]
pip install cloudstorage[rackspace]
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