Alibaba Cloud Csi Driver

CSI Plugin for Kubernetes, Support Alibaba Cloud EBS/NAS/OSS/CPFS/LVM.
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an easy-to-use dynamic service discovery, configuration and service management platform for building cloud native applications.
Chaosblade5,313316 days ago26September 06, 2022260apache-2.0Go
An easy to use and powerful chaos engineering experiment toolkit.(阿里巴巴开源的一款简单易用、功能强大的混沌实验注入工具)
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Virtual Kubelet is an open source Kubernetes kubelet implementation.
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Run K3s Everywhere
Alibaba Cloud Csi Driver467
a day ago57February 18, 202213apache-2.0Go
CSI Plugin for Kubernetes, Support Alibaba Cloud EBS/NAS/OSS/CPFS/LVM.
3 years ago9apache-2.0Java
MyShopPlus 项目致力于推广并普及 微服务架构 思想,采用全新 服务网格 系统打造电商生态级产品。
Cloud Provider Alibaba Cloud327
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CloudProvider for Alibaba Cloud
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black-shop(黑店),基于springBoot2.1.13和Spring Cloud Alibaba.{latest.version}搭建的微服务b2c电商平台,持续开发中…………欢迎加入贡献团队
Php Nacos15211a year ago18April 01, 202211mitPHP
Serverless K8s Examples148
a year ago5Go
Examples for Serverless Kubernetes on Alibaba Cloud -
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Alibaba Cloud Kubernetes CSI Plugin

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Alibaba Cloud CSI plugins implement an interface between CSI enabled Container Orchestrator and Alibaba Cloud Storage. It allows dynamically provision Disk volumes and attach it to workloads.

Current implementation of CSI plugins has been tested in Kubernetes environment (requires Kubernetes 1.14+).

Current Support: Cloud Disk, NAS, CPFS, OSS, LVM, DBFS;

Features in Development

Feature Stage Min Kubernetes Version Min Driver Version
Topology Beta 1.14 v1.0.2
Resize (Expand) Beta 1.16 v1.0.5
Snapshots Beta 1.17 v1.1.2

Cloud Disk CSI Plugin

Disk CSI Plugin support Cloud disk provision and attachment. And Cloud disk is type of block storage, can only used as ReadWriteOnce mode. Only be attached to one node at the same time.

More detail information please refer to Cloud Disk.

NAS CSI Plugin

NAS CSI Plugin can support NAS volume provision and mount. Alibaba Cloud Network Attached Storage (NAS) storage is type of network storage which compatible with multiple standard protocols, such as NFS and SMB, and can be mount by multi nodes at the same time.

More detail information please refer to NAS.


CPFS CSI Plugin can support CPFS volume provision and mount. Cloud Paralleled File System (CPFS) is a parallel file system, and can be mount by multi nodes at the same time.

More detail information pls refer to CPFS.

OSS CSI Plugin

OSS CSI Plugin support OSS bucket mount, but does not support provision volume. OSS storage is type of object storage and can be mount by multi nodes at the same time.

More detail information pls refer to OSS.

LVM CSI Plugin

LVM CSI Plugin support LVM volume provision and mount. LVM volume is a type of local storage and should not be used in high availability scenario.

More detail information pls refer to LVM.

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