循序渐进,学习Spring Boot、Spring Boot & Shiro、Spring Batch、Spring Cloud、Spring Cloud Alibaba、Spring Security & Spring Security OAuth2,博客Spring系列源码:https://mrbird.cc
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Project NameStarsDownloadsRepos Using ThisPackages Using ThisMost Recent CommitTotal ReleasesLatest ReleaseOpen IssuesLicenseLanguage
Aspnetcore32,7087954,0972 hours ago43November 08, 20222,884mitC#
ASP.NET Core is a cross-platform .NET framework for building modern cloud-based web applications on Windows, Mac, or Linux.
5 days ago164agpl-3.0Jinja
Set up a personal VPN in the cloud
2 months ago29mitJava
循序渐进,学习Spring Boot、Spring Boot & Shiro、Spring Batch、Spring Cloud、Spring Cloud Alibaba、Spring Security & Spring Security OAuth2,博客Spring系列源码:https://mrbird.cc
Envoy22,80512 hours ago432April 24, 20211,587apache-2.0C++
Cloud-native high-performance edge/middle/service proxy
Hydra14,45693 days ago1May 08, 201988apache-2.0Go
OpenID Certified™ OpenID Connect and OAuth Provider written in Go - cloud native, security-first, open source API security for your infrastructure. SDKs for any language. Works with Hardware Security Modules. Compatible with MITREid.
Nats Server13,6281,551a day ago435July 13, 2023253apache-2.0Go
High-Performance server for NATS.io, the cloud and edge native messaging system.
Salt13,52623136a day ago216May 05, 20233,037apache-2.0Python
Software to automate the management and configuration of any infrastructure or application at scale. Get access to the Salt software package repository here:
7 hours ago261gpl-3.0Java
Multi-platform transparent client-side encryption of your files in the cloud
3 hours ago47August 03, 202322apache-2.0Python
Prowler is an Open Source Security tool for AWS, Azure and GCP to perform Cloud Security best practices assessments, audits, incident response, compliance, continuous monitoring, hardening and forensics readiness. Includes CIS, NIST 800, NIST CSF, CISA, FedRAMP, PCI-DSS, GDPR, HIPAA, FFIEC, SOC2, GXP, Well-Architected Security, ENS and more.
My Arsenal Of Aws Security Tools8,304
2 months ago1apache-2.0Shell
List of open source tools for AWS security: defensive, offensive, auditing, DFIR, etc.
Alternatives To Springall
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https://mrbird.ccSpringSpring BootSpring Boot & ShiroSpring CloudSpring Boot & Spring Security & Spring Security OAuth2star

Spring Boot

  1. Spring Boot
  2. Spring Boot
  3. Spring BootMyBatis
  4. Spring BootJdbcTemplate
  5. Spring Boot MyBatisDruid
  6. Spring Boot JdbcTemplateDruid
  7. Spring Boot AOP
  8. Spring Bootthymeleaf
  9. Spring BootRedis
  10. Spring BootEhcache
  11. Spring BootJSON
  12. Spring Boot
  13. Spring BootSwagger2RESTful API
  14. ActuatorSpring Boot
  15. Spring Boot
  16. Spring Boot Admin
  17. Spring Boot Devtools
  18. Spring Boot logback
  19. Spring Bootwar
  20. LinuxSpring Boot jar
  21. Spring BootJsoupXSS
  22. Spring Boot
  23. Spring Boot
  24. Spring BootMyBatisMapperPageHelper
  25. Spring Boot
  26. Spring BootSpringApplication
  27. Spring BootHibernate Validator
  28. Spring Boot
  29. Spring Boot
  30. Spring Boot
  31. Spring Boot Kafka
  32. Spring BootMongo DB
  33. Spring Boot 2.0 WebFlux
  34. Spring Boot WebFlux
  35. Spring BootWebSocket

Spring Boot & Shiro

  1. Spring Boot Shiro
  2. Spring Boot Shiro Remember Me
  3. Spring Boot Shiro
  4. Spring Boot Shiro Redis
  5. Spring Boot Shiro Ehcache
  6. Spring Boot ThymeleafShiro
  7. Spring Boot Shiro
  8. Spring Boot ShiroJWT

Spring Boot & Security

  1. Spring BootSpring Security
  2. Spring Security
  3. Spring Security
  4. Spring Security
  5. Spring Security
  6. Spring Security Session
  7. Spring Security
  8. Spring Security
  9. Spring Security OAuth2
  10. Spring Security OAuth2Token
  11. Spring Security OAuth2
  12. Spring Security OAuth2

Spring Cloud

  1. Spring Cloud
  2. Spring Cloud Eureka
  3. Spring Cloud Ribbon
  4. Spring Cloud Hystrix
  5. Spring Cloud Hystrix Dashboard
  6. Spring Cloud Hystrix Dashboard & RabbitMQ
  7. Spring Cloud Feign
  8. Spring Cloud Zuul
  9. Spring Cloud Config
  10. Spring Cloud Bus
  11. Spring Cloud Sleuth
  12. Spring Cloud Consul
  13. Spring Cloud Alibaba Nacos
  14. Spring Cloud Alibaba Nacos
  15. Spring Cloud Alibaba Sentinel
  16. Spring Cloud Alibaba Sentinel @SentinelResource

Spring Boot && Dubbo

  1. Spring BootDubbo&Zookeeper
  2. Dubbo
  3. Dubbo

Spring Boot && Spring Batch

  1. Spring Batch
  2. Spring Batch
  3. Spring Batch
  4. Spring Batch
  5. Spring Batch
  6. Spring Batch
  7. Spring Batch


  1. Spring
  2. Spring Bean
  3. Spring BeanPostProcessor & InstantiationAwareBeanPostProcessor
  4. BeanFactoryPostProcessor & BeanDefinitionRegistryPostProcessor
  5. Spring AOP
  6. Spring
  7. Spring
  8. Spring


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