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Alternatives To Spring Security Oauth
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Api Security Checklist20,661
4 days ago12mit
Checklist of the most important security countermeasures when designing, testing, and releasing your API
Hydra13,8788a day ago1May 08, 201975apache-2.0Go
OpenID Certified™ OpenID Connect and OAuth Provider written in Go - cloud native, security-first, open source API security for your infrastructure. SDKs for any language. Works with Hardware Security Modules. Compatible with MITREid.
Identityserver48,9443143593 months ago99March 18, 2021apache-2.0C#
OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 Framework for ASP.NET Core
Socialite5,2324,775476a month ago77February 01, 2022mitPHP
Laravel wrapper around OAuth 1 & OAuth 2 libraries.
Flask Appbuilder4,100301235 days ago276July 06, 2022127bsd-3-clausePython
Simple and rapid application development framework, built on top of Flask. includes detailed security, auto CRUD generation for your models, google charts and much more. Demo (login with guest/welcome) - http://flaskappbuilder.pythonanywhere.com/
Authentik3,43612 days ago214September 23, 2022287mitPython
The authentication glue you need.
Passport3,1132,5644818 days ago112January 25, 2022mitPHP
Laravel Passport provides OAuth2 server support to Laravel.
3 months ago1July 06, 202187mitGo
sso, aka S.S.Octopus, aka octoboi, is a single sign-on solution for securing internal services
Cli2,931783 days ago265September 13, 2022120apache-2.0Go
🧰 A zero trust swiss army knife for working with X509, OAuth, JWT, OATH OTP, etc.
Express Gateway2,77628372 months ago48April 29, 202163apache-2.0JavaScript
A microservices API Gateway built on top of Express.js
Alternatives To Spring Security Oauth
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Spring Security OAuth

I've just announced a new course, dedicated on exploring the new OAuth2 stack in Spring Security 5 - Learn Spring Security OAuth: http://bit.ly/github-lsso

Build the Project

mvn clean install


This project contains a number of modules, here is a quick description of what each module contains:

  • oauth-rest - Authorization Server (Keycloak), Resource Server and Angular App based on the new Spring Security 5 stack
  • oauth-jwt - Authorization Server (Keycloak), Resource Server and Angular App based on the new Spring Security 5 stack, focused on JWT support
  • oauth-jws-jwk-legacy - Authorization Server and Resource Server for JWS + JWK in a Spring Security OAuth2 Application
  • oauth-legacy - Authorization Server, Resource Server, Angular and AngularJS Apps for legacy Spring Security OAuth2

Run the Modules

You can run any sub-module using command line:

mvn spring-boot:run

If you're using Spring STS, you can also import them and run them directly, via the Boot Dashboard

You can then access the UI application - for example the module using the Password Grant - like this: http://localhost:8084/

You can login using these credentials, username:john and password:123

Run the Angular 7 Modules

  • To run any of Angular7 front-end modules (spring-security-oauth-ui-implicit-angular , spring-security-oauth-ui-password-angular and oauth-ui-authorization-code-angular) , we need to build the app first:
mvn clean install
  • Then we need to navigate to our Angular app directory:
cd src/main/resources

And run the command to download the dependencies:

npm install
  • Finally, we will start our app:
npm start
  • Note: Angular7 modules are commented out because these don't build on Jenkins as they need npm installed, but they build properly locally
  • Note for Angular version < 4.3.0: You should comment out the HttpClient and HttpClientModule import in app.module and app.service.ts. These version rely on the HttpModule.

Using the JS-only SPA OAuth Client

The main purpose of these projects are to analyze how OAuth should be carried out on Javascript-only Single-Page-Applications, using the authorization_code flow with PKCE.

The clients-SPA-legacy/clients-js-only-react-legacy project includes a very simple Spring Boot Application serving a couple of separate Single-Page-Applications developed in React.

It includes two pages:

  • a 'Step-By-Step' guide, where we analyze explicitly each step that we need to carry out to obtain an access token and request a secured resource
  • a 'Real Case' scenario, where we can log in, and obtain or use secured endpoints (provided by the Auth server and by a Custom server we set up)
  • the Article's Example Page, with the exact same code that is shown in the related article

The Step-By-Step guide supports using different providers (Authorization Servers) by just adding (or uncommenting) the corresponding entries in the static/spa/js/configs.js.

The 'Step-by-Step' OAuth Client with PKCE page

After running the Spring Boot Application (a simple mvn spring-boot:run command will be enough), we can browse to http://localhost:8080/pkce-stepbystep/index.html and follow the steps to find out what it takes to obtain an access token using the Authorization Code with PKCE Flow.

When prompted the login form, we might need to create a user for our Application first.

The 'Real-Case' OAuth Client with PKCE page

To use all the features contained in the http://localhost:8080/pkce-realcase/index.html page, we'll need to first start the resource server (clients-SPA-legacy/oauth-resource-server-auth0-legacy).

In this page, we can:

  • List the resources in our resource server (public, no permissions needed)
  • Add resources (we're requested the permissions to do that when logging in. For simplicity sake, we just request the existing 'profile' scope)
  • Remove resources (we actually can't accomplish this task, because the resource server requires the application to have permissions that were not included in the existing scopes)
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