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The Top 13 Minio Open Source Projects

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Minio Go ⭐817
MinIO Client SDK for Go
X Springboot ⭐597
Rome ⭐545
Carthage cache for S3, Minio, Ceph, Google Storare, Artifactory and many others
Cookbook ⭐401
Collection of MinIO recipes
Helm S3 ⭐265
Helm plugin that allows to use AWS S3 as a [private] chart repository.
Minio Py ⭐260
MinIO Client SDK for Python ⭐235
Cloud Native Infrastructure BackUp & RecoveRY
Stock Analysis Engine ⭐220
Backtest 1000s of minute-by-minute trading algorithms for training AI with automated pricing data from: IEX, Tradier and FinViz. Datasets and trading performance automatically published to S3 for building AI training datasets for teaching DNNs how to trade. Runs on Kubernetes and docker-compose. >150 million trading history rows generated from +5000 algorithms. Heads up: Yahoo's Finance API was disabled on 2019-01-03
Testcontainers Spring Boot ⭐155
Container auto-configurations for spring-boot based integration tests
S3contents ⭐134
A S3 backed ContentsManager implementation for Jupyter
Beyond Jupyter ⭐113
All material from the PyCon.DE 2018 Talk "Beyond Jupyter Notebooks - Building your own data science platform with Python & Docker"
Learning_tools ⭐101
Go 学习、Go 进阶、Go 实用工具类
Data Science Stack Cookiecutter ⭐98
Cookiecutter to launch an awesome dockerized Data Science toolstack 🐳📊🤓
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