Satiator Menu

Menu for the Satiator cartridge for Sega Saturn
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5 years agoJava
A Cool Cards Menu Concept
4 months ago36apache-2.0JavaScript
An app that allows you to be inside a bot!
Mib2 Toolbox368
a year ago8mitPython
The ultimate MIB2-HIGH toolbox.
Sidebar Card311
4 months ago42TypeScript
M5stack Sd Updater252
4 months ago87mitC++
💾 Customizable menu system for M5Stack and ESP32-Chimera-Core - loads apps from the Micro SD card. Easily add you own apps
Honeycomb Menu150
a month agootherJavaScript
Honeycomb menu is a Home Assistant module (not a card) that can be applied to any lovelace card. When activated by the defined action on said card, the module will display a 'rounded' list of honeycomb buttons with an optional XY pad to make interfacing with lovelace more fluent
Nds Hb Menu105
20 days ago5otherC++
Satiator Menu85
2 years ago20mpl-2.0C
Menu for the Satiator cartridge for Sega Saturn
Gdk Stopwatch Sample78
9 years ago2apache-2.0Java
Simple apk Glassware acting as a stopwatch.
Chrome Anki Quick Adder78
4 years ago12mitJavaScript
This chrome extension provides the ability to create Anki cards directly from Google Chrome on your Anki Desktop.
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Saturn Satiator: Menu

This is the menu code for Professor Abrasive's forthcoming Satiator card. This card will jack in to the MPEG card slot on a Sega Saturn, and allows you to connect a USB thumb drive or hard disk. This menu provides a user interface to allow you to choose boot images, manage save games, and so forth.

The menu is open source, though the Satiator itself is not. This means you can extend or replace the interface and features as you please. The disk access API is also exposed, so Saturn developers can add native USB drive access to their software.


This is release grade, but not feature complete.

Next up:

  • There needs to be a save data manager.
  • It is UGLY A F
  • the Satiator API needs to be a standalone library for other programs to use
  • It'd be nice to get rid of the dependency on iapetus.


To get started:

git clone
cd satiator-menu
git submodule update --init --recursive

This will configure and build Iapetus, newlib (libc), then the Satiator menu. You may need to edit the Makefile to set your cross compiler. The default toolchain prefix is sh-none-elf-.

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