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Awesome Open Source

This repo contains my custom configuration for I3 tiling window manager.


  • $mod key is Mod4 (Windows key on most keyboards)
  • A project is a set of workspaces with the format - (workspace-number)::(project-name):(somenumber). Read more at i3-wm-multi-disp-scripts.
  • py3status and rofi are the main dependencies.


  • Backup your i3 config!
  • git clone --recursive [email protected]:sainathadapa/i3-wm-config.git ~/.i3
  • Install all the dependencies
  • Done!


Key Purpose
$mod + (1-9,0) Switch to workspaces with number 1-10
$mod + Shift + (1-9,0) Move the container to the workspaces with number 1-10
$mod + h (j, k, l) focus left (down, up, right) window
$mod + Shift + h (j, k, l) move focused window left (down, up, right)
$mod + Return terminal
$mod + Shift + r Restart I3 inplace
$mod + r Activate resize mode
$mod + space Change focus between tiling and floating windows
$mod + Shift + space Toggle floating status of the focused container
$mod + a Focus parent container
$mod + d Focus child container
$mod + e Toggle the layout of the focused container
$mod + t Split the current container horizontally
$mod + y Split the current container vertically
$mod + f Fullscreen mode for the focused container
$mod + q Lock the system
$mod + z Show scratchpad
$mod + Shift + z Move container to scratchpad
$mod + x Toggle borders
$mod + s Toggle touchpad
$mod + u Create a floating video with explicit size, ideal for watching videos
Print Screenshot of the whole screen
$mod + Print Select an area to screenshot
$mod + minus Log-out, shutdown, etc menu
F4 Kill the focused window
F7 Rofi GUI to open a program
F8 Opens a GUI for selecting a window, and the moves the selected window to the current workspace
F12 Rofi GUI to switch to a window
$mod + Shift + p Start a new project
$mod + p Switch to the next project
$mod + o Rename current project
$mod + Tab Focus the workspace on the next monitor of the current project
$mod + Control + Tab Move the focused container to the next workspace of the current project
$mod + Shift + Tab Shift all the workspaces of the current project to their next monitors respectively

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