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Introduction to i3Config

My dedicated i3-wm (now i3-gaps) setup - which I've used and tweaked for ~7 years - is part of the pride and joy of any of my Linux installations. It's a very clean, minimalistic approach to window management, without the hand-holding of the default i3-wm configuration. You are assumed to be familiar with this tiling window manager.

Included, are several handy scripts for i3(-gaps):

  • comp_toggle - Easily toggle compton/picom on or off.
  • font_cycle - Cycle between multiple pre-set alacritty(1) fonts.
  • key_autorepeat - Toggle keyboard autorepeat - challenge your Vim!
  • lockscreen - Simple but presentable lockscreen helper for i3lock(1)
  • partmount - Easily toggle-mount filesystems with udisksctl(1)
  • shooter - Easily take screen-, window-, or select-shots with scrot(1)
  • term_font_size - Globally adjust alacritty(1) or xfce4-terminal(1) font sizes

Note to mention several scripts for PulseAudio users. Easily and intelligently adjust sink and source volumes. Toggle the loopback device with a simple script. Switch sinks with ease, such as between monitor speakers and headphones.

Check out my i3(-gaps) programs csi3, i3-workspaces, and i3-active.

Have Some Questions?

You might have some questions, so here, I'll attempt a pre-emptive strike:

Q: Why float by default?
A: New, non-configured windows are useable, instead of a huge mess.

Q: What's wrong with modes?
A: To be frank, I consider them to be inefficient and annoying.

Q: Why are you using 'jkl;' keys instead of vim-like keys?
A: Because it's the touch-typing standard I've used all my life.

Q: Why no bars?
A: I usually find them distracting and they take up screen space.

Q: How portable is this setup?
A: You may have some issues here, but I'll address this when possible.

Q: Have you tried other tiling window managers?
A: Yes, but always came back to i3-wm; it just appeals to me the most.

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