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The Serenity Operating System 🐞
Os Tutorial25,593
14 days ago118bsd-3-clauseC
How to create an OS from scratch
a year ago52C
A curated list of awesome things related to HarmonyOS. 华为鸿蒙操作系统。
3 months ago183mitShell
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A free Windows-compatible Operating System
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Writing an OS in Rust
Raspberry Pi Os12,387
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Learning operating system development using Linux kernel and Raspberry Pi
Rust Raspberrypi Os Tutorials11,633
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:books: Learn to write an embedded OS in Rust :crab:
15 days ago40ncsaC
A completely-from-scratch hobby operating system: bootloader, kernel, drivers, C library, and userspace including a composited graphical UI, dynamic linker, syntax-highlighting text editor, network stack, etc.
Tock4,629994 days ago10September 26, 2022132otherRust
A secure embedded operating system for microcontrollers
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Redox is an operating system written in Rust, a language with focus on safety and high performance. Redox, following the microkernel design, aims to be secure, usable, and free. Redox is inspired by previous kernels and operating systems, such as SeL4, MINIX, Plan 9, and BSD.

Redox is not just a kernel, it's a full-featured Operating System, providing packages (memory allocator, file system, display manager, core utilities, etc.) that together make up a functional and convenient operating system. You can loosely think of it as the GNU or BSD ecosystem, but in a memory safe language and with modern technology.

The website can be found at For hardware compatibility, see

Downloads MIT licensed

What it looks like

See Redox in Action.

Redox Redox Redox Redox Redox Redox

Getting Started

Please read the Getting Started Guide in the Redox Book.

Trying Out Redox

You can try out the Redox download in an emulator, or boot from a USB. Please see the Getting Started Guide.

Building Redox

The Redox build system is unique and complex, so you are best to follow the practices in the book. Please see the Getting Started Guide.

Getting Help

Please join us on Redox Chat for any concerns. You can post your questions or issues in Redox Support room.


If you're interested in this project, and you'd like to help us out, have a look at CONTRIBUTING.


The ecosystem and software Redox OS provides is listed below.

Name (lexicographic order) Maintainer
acid (kernel integration tests) @jackpot51
binutils @jackpot51
cookbook @jackpot51 @hatred_45 @ids1024
coreutils @jackpot51
extrautils @jackpot51
games @fabiao
Ion (shell) @jackpot51
ipcd @jackpot51
kernel @jackpot51
libextra @jackpot51
libpager @jackpot51
netstack @jackpot51
netutils @jackpot51
orbclient (Orbital client) @jackpot51 @FloVanGH
orbdata @jackpot51
orbgame (Orbital 2D game engine) @FloVanGH
Orbital (windowing and compositing system) @jackpot51
orbtk (Orbital toolkit) @FloVanGH
orbutils (Orbital utilities) @jackpot51
pkgutils (current package manager) @jackpot51
ralloc @jackpot51
RANSID (Rust ANSI driver) @jackpot51
redoxfs (default filesystem) @jackpot51
relibc (C Library in Rust) @jackpot51
small (stack String and other collections) @jackpot51
syscall @jackpot51
Sodium (Vim-inspired text editor) @jackpot51
The Redox book @hatred_45
userutils @jackpot51
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