Alternatives To Httplab
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Alternatives To Httplab
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The interactive web server.

HTTPLabs let you inspect HTTP requests and forge responses.




go get
go install


yaourt httplab


On systems where snap is supported:

snap install httplab

Binary distribution

Each release provides pre-built binaries for different architectures, you can download them here:


Usage of httplab:
  -a, --auto-update       Auto-updates response when fields change. (default true)
  -b, --body string       Specifies the inital response body. (default "Hello, World")
  -c, --config string     Specifies custom config path.
      --cors              Enable CORS.
      --cors-display      Display CORS requests. (default true)
  -d, --delay int         Specifies the initial response delay in ms.
  -H, --headers strings   Specifies the initial response headers. (default [X-Server:HTTPLab])
  -p, --port int          Specifies the port where HTTPLab will bind to. (default 10080)
  -s, --status string     Specifies the initial response status. (default "200")
  -v, --version           Prints current version.

Key Bindings

Key Description
Tab Next Input
Shift+Tab Previous Input
Ctrl+a Apply Response changes
Ctrl+r Resets Request history
Ctrl+s Save Response as
Ctrl+f Save Request as
Ctrl+l Toggle Responses list
Ctrl+t Toggle Response builder
Ctrl+o Open Body file
Ctrl+b Switch Body mode
Ctrl+h Toggle Help
Ctrl+w Toggle line wrapping
q Close popup
PgUp Previous Request
PgDown Next Request
Ctrl+c Quit

HTTPLab uses file to store pre-built responses, it will look for a file called .httplab on the current directory if not found it will fallback to $HOME. A sample file can be found here.

HTTPLab is heavily inspired by wuzz

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