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pytest-mimesis is a pytest plugin that provides pytest fixtures for Mimesis providers. This allows you to quickly and easily use randomized, dummy data as part of your test suite.


pip install pytest-mimesis


Using the personal provider as part of a test.

# your_module/

def validate_email(email):
    # code that validates an e-mail address
    return True

And your test file:

# tests/

from your_module import validate_email

def test_validate_email(mimesis):
    assert validate_email(mimesis('email'))

You can also specify locales:

@pytest.mark.parameterize('mimesis_locale', ['de'])  # use German locale
def test_create_user(mimesis):
    assert create_user(name=mimesis('full_name'))

@pytest.mark.parameterize('mimesis_locale', ['de', 'en', 'jp'])  # test multiple locales
def test_add_phone(user, mimesis):
    assert user.add_phone_number(name=mimesis('full_name'))


We provide two public fixtures: mimesis_locale and mimesis. While mimesis_locale is just a string (like: en, ru), mimesis is an instance of mimesis.schema.Field.

We use caching of mimesis instances for different locales for the whole test session, so creating new instances is cheap.

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pytest-mimesis is licensed under the MIT License.

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