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Github star history

The missing github star history!



The project was inspired by the star-history project. I've extended the idea about option to add stacks in order to easier project comparision.

With this project you could observe and monitor specific github repos and simply compare is with other repos.

I would like to add new predefined repo or stack

If you would like to extend current predefined stack or create new stack create pull request to the stacks.js file.

For new stack just add new object within array (consistent with specification of other stacks) and for new repo just add new repo name (must have owner and repo name, ie. pnowy/github-stars-history).

Please remember that predefined stack needs predefined: true property in order display for all users.


The frontend part is written in Vue.js framework with Typescript support. The visual part has been made with Bulma CSS framework.

Under the hood the stars are cached in the Firebase database (because the Github API has limits chart data is saved in Firebase for some limited time).

The user added stacks are saved in browser local storage (by the vuex and the vuex-persistedstate plugin).

The project is deployed on fantastic platform Netlify.

Issues & features

If you see the possibilities to improve the project create pull request or report the issue.

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