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  • Reveal a repository's star history.
  • How many stars have I earned this year?


I want to know how many stars I've earned this year.

Let me know

The initial repo to query is js-org/ by default, as my gratitude to its domain name service. Besides, a random repo from a preset repo list may also be chosen as the initial repo. If your project has over 1k stars and wants to join the list, Let me know!


Access Token

Note: Hubble stores access tokens in your browser local storage and never transmits it anywhere.

Why is it required?

Hubble uses GitHub GraphQL API to retrieve repository stargazers. The API requires requests to be authenticated, so Hubble will ask for your GitHub personal access token. If you don't already have one, create one, then copy and paste it into the textbox.

Why is access token preferred rather than "Login with GitHub"?

Hubble's OAuth service is provided by Netlify on a free plan basis, which has a 1,000 total users limit.

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