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The Top 11 Github Stars Open Source Projects

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Awesome Github 1,828
A curated list of awesome GitHub guides, articles, sites, tools, projects and resources. 收集这个列表,只是为了更好地使用GitHub,欢迎提交pr和issue。
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Top tech companies pay 2-3x as much as other companies. To pass their interviews, you need to study. Let a software engineer who hired thousands of engineers on Google's hiring committee teach you to solve problems you will face in real interviews, so you can get a job with life changing compensation.
Bestofjs Webui 1,210
⭐️ A place to find the best components to build amazing web applications. The best of JavaScript!
The Fucking Github 446
A Chrome extension for Github. View starred repositories, organizing stars, searching stars and searching repositories online for Github。
Starcabinet 397
🎉 开源的跨平台Github Stars管理分析工具
Javascript Risingstars 358
🌠 An overview of the JavaScript landscape in 2019: trends about front-end and Node.js frameworks, tooling, testing, Vue, React... Available in English, Chinese and Spanish
Remu 261
💥Chrome Extension for GitHub that view stars / star history / organizing starred repository
Stargazed 236
📋 Creating your own Awesome List of GitHub stars!
Hubble 161
🔭 Travel through GitHub Stars' history
Github Stars Manager 155
Chrome extension that allows you to manage your Github stars with tags, and to create a bookmark folder with all your stars organized by the tags you created
Github Badges 63
Star / Fork badges for your GitHub Repository!
Starmark 60
Turn your GitHub stars into Chrome bookmarks
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