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Creating your own Awesome List of GitHub Stars!

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Ensure you have Node.js 10 or later installed. Then run the following:

npx stargazed [options]


$ stargazed --help

  Creating your own Awesome List of GitHub Stars!

    -u, --username TEXT    GitHub username
    -t, --token TEXT       GitHub token
    -s, --sort             sort by language
    -r, --repository TEXT  repository name
    -m, --message TEXT     commit message
    -w, --workflow         Setup GitHub Actions for Daily AutoUpdate
    -v, --version          Show the version and exit with code 0

    $ stargazed --username abhijithvijayan --token "GITHUB-TOKEN" --repository "awesome-stars"  --sort --workflow
    $ stargazed -u "abhijithvijayan" -r "awesome-stars" -t "GITHUB-TOKEN" -m "COMMIT_MESSAGE" -s



Generate new token

Goto Personal access tokens

Why do I need a token

  • For unauthenticated requests, the rate limit is 60 requests per hour. see Rate Limiting
  • The token must be passed together when you want to automatically create the repository.

How can I automate the process after initial run

Use -w, --workflow flag to set up GitHub workflow that updates the repo at 00:30 everyday
stargazed -u "abhijithvijayan" -r "awesome-stars" -t "GITHUB-TOKEN" -s -w


Looking to contribute? Look for the Good First Issue label.

See contribution guidelines

🐛 Bugs

Please file an issue here for bugs, missing documentation, or unexpected behavior.

See Bugs

Linting Config


MIT © Abhijith Vijayan

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